Comics! Renato Jones: The One%

Whats crackalackin my Nerdcore Nation?! Today is the first comic review we here at Nerdcore comics and more have done in what seems like forever! So while we dust off thwe cobwebs on our review writing skills, please, be gentle with us. So up in our first review we have the comic, Renato Jones: The One%. This comic is about as crazy as it gets. The story is of a kid who gets picked up as the heir to a massive fortune. Whether he is or isn’t the heir is debated. After a bunch of crazy stuff going down within the first few pages, we find ourselves in the present and Renato is all grown up and he is at this point loaded. There is also a hit man going around calling himself The Freelancer. This specific gentleman picks off the insanely rich. It is at this point that I’m going to take a step back and explain the situation of the comic now that your caught up with whats going on with the main character. The story revolves around a world whose economy is a caricature of our own economy. The rich are insanely rich and wield their power, influence and money to gross extremes rivaling if not surpassing the likes of Emperor Nero or Le Marquis De Sade.

Lets now talk brass tax. The art of the comic looks like a mix of early to mid 90’s artwork with the coloring of a pulp comic. Being that a lot of comics end up bought and ignored by me simply because of the artwork, I can vouch that though it seems a bit out there at first, it is absolutely amazing and fits with the feel of the comic very well. For the writing and dialog also gets high marks from me. The flow of the comic has a very nice speed and you can tell each character has his or own personality. Not just a few lines and cookie cut it and repeat. The writer, artist and over all creator of the comic, Kaare Kyle Andrews goes to great lengths to state that this is Kaares comic. It is amazing what one man who is driven can do and at the end of it there is a column and before that a letter to the reader. It is the most inspirational thing I’ve ever read as a writer. So for the Nerdcore Score, I give it a 8/10 for amazing artwork, story and writing and whole-heartedly  suggest giving this comic a try.




Life: It gets in the way.

Hello there my Nerdcore Nation! I know it has been soo very long you may have even forgotten about me. I’m floating around and working on getting back in the swing of things. I have been very fortunate as of late after a large bout of bad luck. Well more so then my normal run of the mill bad luck. Since the last time we all had a little sit down so much has happened! The Marvel Cinematic Universe has really taken off, the DCU has been trying (it really has god bless their little hearts), 7 or 8 major comic arcs have happened, Spiderman is back in the hands of Marvel (sort of) and we have the rebirth of Star Wars with The Force Awakens also the DC comic universe Rebirth Which will be wildly uncovered by this specific site. We all know I’d rather read Marvel over DC and Dynamite over Marvel. So from here on instead of playing catch up with about two years of nerdy news that we have already lived through, were going to steam roll forward with whats happening and the future of Nerdisms. Were going back to reviewing, comic rumors, news, special events and everything else I can get a hold of for your pretty little eyes to feast upon. So for tonight my Nerdists, I’m going to say good night and tomorrow we will be reviewing a comic by Kaare Kyle Andrews called Renato Jones: The One%. A riveting tale of a orphaned lad taking revenge on the you guessed it, the rich who destroy the lives of the less fortunate.



She Dreams in Digital (teaser)

I started to write last night and what came out was the beginning of an amazing story focusing on a strong female lead, great concept of a cyberpunk future, all around really friggin cool stuff. Then this morning I hop on facebook like most of us do and and what do I see? A trailer for a movie called Ex Machina. Now if you know me, you know as much as I love fantasy, Science Fiction is my home. But as I watched the trailer, Ive fallen in love with this concept. Whats up with female A.I./androids lately? First Ghost in the Shell starring the wrongfully picked Scarlett Johannson (should be Rinko Kikuchi of Pacific Rim fame jus sayin).  Am I on the right track? if so I need an artist for this. Whos down?

So excited and be honest, so are you.


Ok guys, So weve all seen rumors about Vin Diesel going into marvel studios. He’s dropping more hints at just who he could possibly be!

He said there’s going to be a different kind of love story so. What does that mean to us marvel fans?

Thanos and Death?

Vision and Scarlet Witch?

Cloak and Dagger?

Pym and Wasp?

The list can go on and on! Point is, hes with marvel now. So let us speculate, cause rumors and generally have a mash up to see what else we can come up with!


Comics! East of West!

Hey there nerdcore crazies! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Death ride in a post-apocalyptic future? Well I tell you it is absolutely awesome. In the dust covered Wild Wild West of the future, The civil war turned out quite different and many things are new and strange. This is one of those comics that even I with my gift of gab have a difficult time talking about. The awesomeness of the comic is really hard to put to words. Essentially the main character is Death. He is followed by two what I assume to be shape changing Indians as he goes off on a killing spree of people who (Spoilers). As he is on his adventure, the other three horsemen of the apocalypse wake up in child bodies that still have all memories and power and they go off on their own. With bodies piling up on both sides, the story will convalesce into an even more brutal and wildly done post apocalyptic future.


Now lets talk nitty gritty. I don’t really have a complaint about this comic.I love the artwork, I love the dialog. Everything flows seamlessly from one panel to another. If your not a big fan of westerns or science fiction it might be sort of hard for you to get into but overall the comic is devilishly well done. I can’t wait to read more in the future and I hope you will join me on that. 


SCIENCE! Grinder Tech!

Hey guys! Your Nerdcore main man here with some new vocabulary for you! Have you ever heard the term Grinder? Before today me neither. Well I have come to find out that it is a term describing a certain people who life hack human bodies augmenting them with tech implants. Sounds futuristic and cool? Yeah it fucking does! Anyhoo this guy got tired of headphones and earbud wires getting in the way and getting all broken and stuff SO what does he decide to do? He gets a small magnet implanted in the Tragus. (That little stiff  thing in in front of your ear.) It receives audio signals via magnetic field that is produced by a coil hanging around his neck. Although the audio quality isn’t all that great it is a first step in new tech for this which I think is pretty cool and definitely should be watched for the audiophile.

Heres a link to the article:

AAAAND should you want to make your own invisible headphones here is a small tutorial on how to and what needed:

Welp thats it for me right now guys! Talk to you all again soon!