Cartoons! Adventure Time

Its adventrue time. Come grab your friends. Were going to very distant lands. With Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun will never end it’s adventure time!

That’s right kiddies! ADVENTURE TIME a Cartoon network show. It honestly has caught my attention as of late and since the days long past of Dexter and The Powepuff Girls(dont ridicule me, you watched it too.) has a Cartoon Network cartoon actually been able to keep my interest.

The story starts off with the last human in the whole world named Fin and his magical dog Jake. They live in the magical land of OOO and they go on pretty wild adventures. Theres also a host of cooky characters that accompany them and even give them adventures. Theres Princess Bubblegum which is a name chatacter and for the longest time Finns love interest. Marceline the Vampire Queen and Ice King(a crazy old wizard whos way into ninja stuff.).

From the way im talking im just describing a really neat kids show right? Sort of yeah. But throughout the whole of the series(some 200 episodes i believe) there are so many dark overtones that it begins to get sort of scary. Through the series there are references to a nuclear war that blew up a chunk of the world where Russia used to be. The land of OOO is the earth some 950 years after the nuclear war. There are also very strong occult refferences throughout the whole of the series which given their fun nature are still pretty dark to the older viewers.  If you go to thier Wiki you ca read alot more about it. Im just here as a teaser to get your tastebuds going. You like it. Admit it. Either way with the dark overtones that the grownups can enjoy and the fun and happy colors and situations the kids can enjoy(and my two little heathens enjoy the show and ask for it by name) watching this show is a win win situation of awesomeness for the whole family!




2 responses to “Cartoons! Adventure Time

  1. nice! I have only just discovered this show, its awesome! I read they are making a 3ds game? not sure if its a rumour though. cool blog by the way!

    • thanks man. i dont knw but ill hunt down that rumor and update it. tey also started coming ou with Adventure Time comics! so ive been reading them. sucks they are a monthly i go through em so fast.

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