Comics! Red Lanterns

Ok so let me start off with me saying that before DC comics revamped it’s entire line of comics, When a DC comic touched my skin it would burn like Holy Water on a Vampire. (Not the sparkly ones. The real blood drinking, devil may care, holy sit m going to explode if sunlight touches me vampire.) But I digress, thats a whole nother story.

Anways the cmic im going to be talking abot today is of the New 52 as it is called. DC comics RED LANTERNS. As i have said before that DC comics used to burn. Now comic is just made of pure awesome. The Red Lanterns are a force in the DC universe that cultivates the red light energy of RAGE. In doing so, the creator of the Red Lanters, Atrocitus, made the first rings. The rings seek out those who have: “Great Rage In Your Heart.” Then they proceed to latch themselves to the future Red Lanterns finger and blow out thier heart. It makes them expell thier blood out of thier body and replaces it with a burning red napalm like substance that aperently tastes of scorched peanutbutter. This blood replacement is also a weapon that is used over and over, burning thier victims to ashes with thier napalm blood. But once again I digress.

The series sets up with Atrocitus not like his old self and the Red Lanterns sensing it. After an accident he becomes more like his old self and realises a new purpose for his Lanterns. The universe’s rage will be his rage and it will be avenged. So with this new purpose he sets out to make his Red Lanterns smarter as the ring clouds thier mind wth a pure animalistic rage. His first, Bleez then others follow. But sensing the change in Atrocitus, Bleez creates her own faction of Red Lanterns and splits off from Atrocitus. In the last two comics, A human has become a Red Lantern and the first to do so permanently and unlike the rest of the red lanterns, he can make contructs (like the other lantern colors) with his ring.  Also Abysmus (Atrocitus’ earlier Red Lantern Incarnation) claws his way to the surface of Ysmalt (the redlantern home planet) and attempts to kill Atrocitus for tryng to destroy him. Alot more is soon to come with it being a monthly and if this hasn’t peaked your interest by now, go pic up #1 and see if ou can stop yourself from grabbing #2 and so on. The art style is definately DC but the story, dialog and action is deffinately upgraded from what it used to be. Once again I definately recomend this comic on sheer awesomeness.

With blood and rage of crimson red,

Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,

Togather with our hellish hate,

Well burn you all,

That is your fate.


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