Comics! VENOM


Ok my little ghoulies heres a brand new review for my favorite Anti-Hero: Venom. There has been alot going on in the Venom universe. First there was Eddie Brock and Mack Gargan and a few others but that doesn’t matter right now. Right now it’s Flash Thompson! Our favorite bully from the Spiderman universe has had alot happen since he left high school. Our boy became the president of the Spiderman fanclub, became a Corporal in the U.S. Army. While in the Middle East he lost his legs while savig his commanding officer. He was approached for a Special Ops division to get a chance to serve his country again.

This is where Agent Venom comes in. It’s never really explained how The United States Government comes into possession of the Venom Symbiote. But with certain chemicals pushed into th symbiotes system, Flash Thompson has almost complete control of the symbiote. But in the end it all equals to pure awesome.

With the main Villain being a wicked version of the Jack O’ Lantern. (he explains himself as killing anyone who ever donned the suit or took the name) and is Venoms self proclaimed Arch Nemisis. Along the way there are appearences by Crime Master, Kraven The Hunter, X-23, Red Hulk, Alejandra the New Ghost Rider, Captain America and more! There was even a run in with the Spider Island event of the marvel universe and after that he even went to Hell and kicked Blackhearts ass. The Circle of Four miniseries best part was a GhostriderVenomRedHulk. Now you need to have it, I know.

Each comic has left me wanting more delving not only into the action pact life of Agent Venom (now in the Secret Avengers) but into the ups and downs and love life of Flash Thompson. In the end each comic will have you salivating for the next one and a satisfaction of picking up the next one. Right now it is up to #17 and I believe that there is a trade paper back for the first couple of issues. It is deffinately worth picking up. 




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