Hello there my little groovy ghoulies.

Welcome to my little world of the nerdcore. For the time being Ishall affectionately call this lot: My Little Boneyard. Yet I degress, There will be a bit of construction and additions for a couple of hours today till I can get everything just all nice and situated for you nice folks. So for a little bit let me throw down some Tasty Info for you all about one of my favorite comics: THE SCARLET SPIDER: All of the power. None  of the responsibility. . Chris Yost as a steady write has an amazing story to tell of Kaine Parker.

THE SCARLET SPIDER by Marvel Comics is an offshoot of quite a few of Peter Parkers adventures as The Amazing Spiderman. Of course with this series comes alot of backstory and I’m not about to ruin all of the juicy details of the past decade or so of this ongoing story arc that leads up to this series being so unique. But I will lay down some ground work for you all so that we are at least on the same page. Remember ghoulies. I love yout that much.

Essentially Peter Parker has had quite a number of clones made after him. Though only Two of these clones actually come into play. For years it was thought that Peter Parker was really who he was until a man named Ben Reiley came along. Eventually with the same powers as Peter he becomes the first Scarlet Spider. Years later after fighting on and off and helping Parker when he could it was revieled that there was a Third clone, his name is Kaine. This one was disfigured and well his mind was just not all there. This clone was part of the Assasins Guild until Ben Reiley’s death which confirmed that Peter Parker was the original (like i said confusing story line.) After which Peter now back in his red and blue, helped Kaine with his deformity and helped repair his mental state. With all that going on Pete gave Kaine Ben’s old Scarlet Spider uniform and off Kaine went. Until Issue #1 it is told that he hs been running south towards the boarder to keep one step ahead of anyone who would be looking for him. That plan was working well until he hit Houston, Texas where we find our hero, set up after a certain chain of events. 

As far as personality wise, we can assume that with his mind intact he still has quite a bit of bite to him. So what we have is a at best described as a Chatotic Good Spiderman in Houston.  Ive never been HUGE into Spiderman (im more of a VENOM kind of guy and his reviews will be coming up shortly.) but this is definately worth checking out. It is up to Issue #5 so it wouldn’t be to expensive to be caught up to date on the goings on of our favorite (and only) Houston Super Hero resident. The Villains that have so far shown up is a man who has some “wicked ink” and throws giant pillars of flame at our crimson costumed hero and the entire Assassins guild. It gets pretty crazy and its a crazy good read I deffinately suggest I even if your not too much of a Spiderfan.


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