Games! RISK: Legacy

Ok in my life there are games and then ther are…. LIFE CHANGING GAMES! Ok well it isn’t life changing but this version of risk is pretty cool if I do say so myself. The Premise is that it is in the future. In this future the earths own resources are beginning to be dangerously depleted. Scientists have found a way to more or less make earth clones. Eliminating the pull on resources and then begins a fragile peace between the fractions. But then the land claiming starts and your faction must make sure it can survive.

So far so good right? No, this is where it gets interesting. This game has an aspect that usually comes with tabletop and vidya rpg’s. Campaigning. With this game the board is marked, cards are ripped up and things are thrown away. Each game directly affects the next. With the winner having certain choices to make and the losers or the ones that at least survived the game(you just lost), have to abide by the cetain rules set by the winner for the next game or a later game should the winner choose. In one box it gives you enough peices nd set you up for 15 games and it is set for the ones who origially played. Think a D&D version of RISK and your not too far off. I have the game but finding a steady player list has proven difficult. So if you have some dedicated friends and love the idea of long nights and an awesome time conquering the world RISK: Legacy is definately for you. Game on guys. Game on.


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