COMICS! Aquaman?

Ok ok yeah I know. Haha. It’s the least favorite “hero” of all time. Big deal he can talk to fish. He can breathe underwater. He has been the brunt of every joke you can imagine and yet…he keeps on going. Why? Because eventually someone would help him tell a decent story about himself. And it has happened….oh yes….it has……

Ok my dear goulish readers, as we all know the great DC Comics revamped thier line with the New 52. With this revamp of every series ( in the batman we don’t see little Bruce go to the theatre.. kinda peeved about that.) has gotten an injection of new life and out of all of the series I honestly believe they put the most into Aquaman. I have said before that DC comics used to be acid to my skin and we all know Aquaman as a punchline at best. HOWEVER! I have to say that after picking up Aquaman #1 and seeing him be the punchline in the comic was pretty funny but not enough so I put it down. A couple of months down the line, my favorite monthly (besides VENOM) GhostRider ended at #9 with Alejandra kicking the hell out of Mephisto and then Johnny Blaze putting her down and becoming the Ghost Rider again. So I was looking around my LCS(local Comic Shop: Third Eye Comics. Find them here at:!/thirdeyecomicsprincefrederick) and the comic guy was suggesting different comics. Randomly I picked up Aquaman. I didnt think much of it until I honestly read the damned thing instead of just skim through it. I found it to…be…Awesome? I was honestly amazed at the story. Yes it was still Aquaman but the way the new writers portrayed him and he scenarios he was put in (he went to ge lunch at a seafood restaurant. that should be enough to make you go and get #1 at the very least.) was just too much for my little brain to handle. So I ended up picking up #1-#4  and completely devouring them like a fried seafood platter (don’t look to me for health advice.) So after a couple of days of mulling around this nice skull of mine i went off to pick up the next couple of issues and I was deffinately not disapointed with any of them. There was a good amount of action and drama and merpeople put into odd human situations enough to hold my attention span (which I might add is sometimes hard to do. Ive dropped many a comics after #1 and #2 and #3’s). So if your in the mood for a filler comic or just want to see some of the better work of The New 52 check out Aquaman.


One response to “COMICS! Aquaman?

  1. Dude, I LOVE the new Aquaman! I was adamant this whole 52 reboot nonsense was a stupid editorial decision on DC’s part but lo and behold! Aquaman! Wonder Woman too! Swamp Thing and Animal Man! I’m reading more DC now than I ever have. Definitely glad to eat crow on this one.

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