Comics Double Feature! The Spider and The Shadow!

Ok one hing about me is that I love the old pulp detective comics. Dick Tracey was my absolute favorite followed by (you guessed it) The Shadow. Another thing about me is that I absolutely love DYNAMITE comics. I’m an avid reader of Queen Sonja, Red Sonja and Witchblade to name a few. If you havn’t guessed by now I like comics.

Anywho back to the story at hand. Well about a month or so ago I’m browsing my LCS (Third Eye Comics) and I pass by the DYNAMITE section. Lo and behold that before my eyes I see my favorite hero staring back at me! The Shadow (who had a 1994 movie staring Alec Baldwin as The Shadow/Lamont Cranston) was revived by one of my favorite comic companies! At which point I thought couldnt get cooler. Now a bit of back story for The Shadow. The Shadow is a psychic superpowered crime fighter of the 19 20’s syle. So you have a cloak, a large brimmed fedora and dual guns. His psychic powers give him the ability to “see what evil lurks in the hearts of men” so that he knows whos naughty and whos nice. But there is alot more to the story then that and with it just being issue #1 i dont know how they will portray his beginnings if they even touch on it. Anyway back to real life (yeah it sucks sometimes), so after picking out the rarer of the comic covers I bought it and took it home without even flipping through the pages (which i never do) and i could not believe what I saw. I saw an amazing storyline. Th writing and dialog was top shelf and as far as #1’s go I was caught up with it that I didnt wat it to be over! By page 6 I knew this was going to be a monthly.

Nw for the second of the double feature. The second of these pulp comics I picked up came later. This past new comic day actually. I have a subscription box at Third Eye and this lonely comic was in there next to my Venom. My comic guy sometimes sees something i might like and throws it in there to see if i want to pick it up. It is a hit and miss. (miss being the critically acclaimed comic CROSSED) But this time i flipped through it, not really reading what was going on but I really dug the artstyle. Its so very smoothe. Anyhoo. I got back to my lair and crept up to my masters chamber to see my loot from the day and after a bit of reading venom and not wanting to wait till the next one i picked up The Spider. Now here is when i actually it down and read it through. Then I read it through again. The main character has no super powers. He like all pulp detectives, has a dual identity, dual guns, a badass fedora and a mask that flows into his cape that he wears over a nice suite. Character design grabbing my attention? check. Background of a city gone mad with apathy and crime of all sorts? Check. The Punisher style vigilantism? DOUBLE CHECK. from early on guns go blazing. and by the end of the comic our heros civilian alter ego (that is connected to the police department. he get brought in to analyze strange and brutal crimes) gets called to a scene of a deadly gas attack. All in the apartment are dead and then out of nowhere a kid wearing a chained collar appears who acts all 28 Days Later Zombified. A call comes in explaining that there will be alot more people who will die and that it is too late to save the kid. The final scene in the comic is a full page picture of the collar the kid was wearing, cutting the boys head off. So it is safe to assume that I will be getting #2 and so forth. For this kind of comic it is amazing to see the brutality in usually a non brutal comic genre. But then again most of the pulp comics ive read are a couple of decades old. Either way both of these should find thier way to your hands asap. if not just the first issues just to say youve held awesome incarnate in your hands.

What evils lurks in the hearts of men?

The Shadow Knows.


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