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Ok so this is the fourth time im writing this one. for some reason or another my comuter freezes and i lose the info or oddly enough the power flickered the computer off. Either way im slightly peeved at the moment. however Awesomeness will not be stopped! Anyhoo my brother told me about this comic con about a month ago mabey less and asked if i could go since his company was going to be there. So i said OF COURSE! anyway weeks roll by and today was the day of the comic con. He told me it was going to be kinda small. A few vendors, some prizes things like that. Then he told me the 501st was going to be there. So instead of being psyched to go. I WAS SUPER PSYCHED! For those of you not in the know, Th 501st is Darth Vaders personal Storm Trooper Brigade but in real life it is a national organization of Starwars fans that have banded togather to do fund raisers and other good work while in the suits of the awesome Imperial Army (Long Live The Empire you rebel scum!) So yeah not only today did i get to go check out some awesome artwork at other vendors boothes and CrashGems (and i bought me a Venom sculpt, my wife bought a chocobo but by all means it was not an easy decision. no not at all.) I got to meet and shake the hands of a Storm Trooper my lil monster also wanted to give him his lollypop. We all laughed. I love the Empire. I could die happy now. Thank you. I was nervous and everything! You dont see Storm Troopers eveyday you know. But there was other boothes selling comics and collectables. There was also a boothe handing out information about this new strategy cardgame i whole heartedly intend on buying when i can. It’s called Conquest Tactics. So expect a review on that in the future.

But now onward to CrashGem. My real reason for going. Im not privvy to all the deets but you gotta believe me when i say they have some things working in thier monster lab cooking up delectable goodies for the meat thats inbetween your ears. First off they have these neat little sculpts tha are really cool. Like i said earlier i gotmyself a Venom but it was reaaaly hard and i was extremely torn as to get a Gammorean, Deadpool, Venom or a Jawa. Alex got a Chocobo but it was also hard on her too. So after meeting my brothers brilliant other half in business i wondered off to gert food and came back to pick up the buys (my wifey said earlier: “Oh i dont think we need to pull any money out.”) ANYHOO i digress. Either way CashGem is a company that you need to keep your eyes on in the future. I honestly believe that they will be cranking out some crazy things and stirring up things in a couple different industries. Which in my honest opinion could rightully use it. So just this once ill be asking you to attempt to tear away from the sight of pure glorious awesomeness that is me and direct your attention with all your migh to this awesome little company from across the way.

Ghouls and Gals I present to you….

CrashGem Studios


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