Comics! Fear Itself: Ghost Rider!

Ok kiddies, here we go. My next little review is a backwards glance at the past. If you can you should honestly hunt down the Fear Itself series. The Fear Itself series is a Marvel universe event that had every super hero messed up. The Serpent (an evil Asgaurdian God) made four hammers (like Thor’s) and let them loose upon the world waiting for The Worthy to find them and wreak fear and destruction across the land. Of these Worthy, there were name that we know and love: Collosus, The Thing and The Incredible Hulk (wo was defeated by Draculas Army). How exactly does the GhostRider fit into this scenario?

Adam the creator of Sin told Johnny Blaze how to get rid of the GhostRider spirit Zarathos. Adam then brought into this world The Seeker. He seeks out the worthy for The GhostRider. He’s also a zombie with a really bad cockney accent (its implied at a few places) While he is walking by the line of Adams trained GhostRider wannabes a lone girl names Alejandra grabbed The Seekers chain (that sounds really bad now that i think of it.) and she then was merged with Zarathos making the New Ghost Rider. Now at the same time Mephisto appears to Johnny because in affect of him getting rid of the GhostRider he doomed humanity. Thanks Johnny.

Adam’s crusade is to wipe out sin. So he wantedhe ghost rider for such a purpose. He super chages Alejandra and she lets loose the Ghost Rider like a nuclear blast. Eliminating ALL sin in a village in Nicaragua. After she gets free of Adams grasp with the help of Johnny Blaze, she goes on a journey to get back those souls that she rended. It leads her to Louisiana, Japan riding a giant hell transformed bullet train and eventually a full frontal assult on hell itself and beats the shit out of Mephisto. i wont tell the ending its too good but you will be angry. The series of Ghostrider end at #9 and that made me angry and sad. The writing was awesome, the art as fresh for GhostRider and it was arranged really well. All in all it was a good comic. Also she and Blaze made an apperance in VENOM: Circle of Four alongside of Red Hulk, X-23 and Venom.

So if you get a chance and you want to be angry for a bit, check out GhostRider. It starts from Fear Itself then at #5 it isjut Ghost Rider. If your really lucky you might be able to find #0 which tells the backstory of how Blaze got rid of the GhostRider.


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