Comic Double Feature! Fathom and Fathom: Kiani!

Ok so lets start off with the one comic  FATHOM. I honestly cant say that i love this comic enough! Micheal Turner hit it on the head wt an amazing storyline and the artwork is crazy amazing. Over all this is one comic worth looking at. Some people might be put off a bit by the story line snceit jups right into the story. The past is given hints and references to but never 100% fully explained. But even so taking the storyline at face value and taking it from #1 and onward its still an amazing comic. It starts a time after a civil war between two underwater sub-human spiecies. One race called The Blue (which is a closer surface race) and The Black which is the lower trench races. They essentially have the same makeup, same looks the only thing that really differs between them is the area they are from apperently. Then thier war with humans. I believe a truce was called and there settles an uneasy peace but a welcome one. The story settles around one woman who was born The Blue and was raised by Humans, her name is Aspen Matthews. She has the power to breathe in water and to control water. I really dont want to give away too much of the story line but i will give you this. There is a race of parasites that take over and replace the humans they infect. She comes across them and all watery hell breaks loose. But at the end of the day kiddies your just going to have to read this one. I love ths comic so much I just want to wet your tastebuds and get you thirsty for more.

Now lets get this one going. FATHOM:Kiani has only been around for two issues. Issue #0 is all back story setting up for the rest of the series.  It is set up to be along side FATHOM storyline. There is a slight reference to Kiani in FATHOM. However FATHOM: Kiani is a whole diffeent story. Kiani was agirl caught between The Blue and The Black with a unique gift of being able to control water to such a extent she was to be used a a weapon should ayone have found out. It is hinted that someone found out. During her service she was seemed to be killed. Once again however with her amazing control over water she essentially pulls herself back togather to exact her revenge from her former partners that got her killed. So its a revenge plot but with it just bein on issue #1 and refferences to Kiani in FATHOM i doubt that this will be anything but just a revenge plot.

So in conclusion of this little blurb, FATHOM and FATHOM: Kiani, is just great all around. The art style is amazing. The colloring magnificent. The Storylines are unique. The Characters have personality. The Dialog is just plain great, it flows like real conversation beween real people even though the situtions are more then out of the ordinary.


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