Comics! Shattered Heros: The Incredible Hulk!

Hey there my Nerdcore Crazies. So i got a little special treat for you all. Now ive never been too much of a fan of The Incredible Hulk. Even though i sort of identify with Dr. Banner. Anyhoo. After watching The Avengers movie i was strolling around my LCS and i saw the new Incredible Hulk. Now theres still the ongoing Hulk series. But this incarnation takes place right after the Fear Itself MU event and alot has happened to our jolly green giant. The first and biggest thing…..(besides the hulk himelf) The Hulk and Banner got a divorce! Thats right The Hulk found someone to split them in two. So this feat thought impossible is made possible by none other then (cough:drumrollplease.) Dr……ill let you read it and find out about that one but it is a shock.

Anyhoo, Without the hulk Banner goes batshit insane. injecting himself with radioactive isotopes, putting his head in a gamma powered microwave, things like that. All it got him were a few hulk like creature on the island where he is set up and a malignant brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. and no repeat of The Hulk. So on with the story of some organization called the Mad Squad finds the hulk and asks him to help stop Banner from doing the crazy thing thier breakup is doing to Banner. They are the team that gets called in when a mad scientist needs to  be….reducated. or taken out, its all the same to them. So far it leads up to Banner making a gamma bomb, a small army of hulkanimals, and hulk getting hit with radioactive monkey poo.

With all this shock value, the dialog is really good. The hulk speaks at a high school level now yay! Not to mention Banners razy ramlings. But I honestly think the best thing about the comics are the art and inks. Its a very warm hue throughout the entire book but its not bright. and the pen work is very unique instead of blending colors for the main use of shades its cross hatching or hatching which i find in a marvel book special. dont see that alot. The story is also very good and it has so far made me want to get the other two. I have #1-#5 and it is up to #7 now. So it might not be a montly for me but it is definately something for me to follow in an off week. But for my Hulkamaniac readers deffinately pick it up.


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