Comics! The one that failed!

Now all of my comic reviews i’ve been raving about what im reading but theres another side… A Dark side to it all too. I pick up alot of comics from time to time and not all i pick up stay with me. A good portion of the comics i read get tossed by the way side to a little stack that i call The Comics That Failed. Alot of them you might want to read or even are your monthlys but its all good for me. these are the ones that for some reason or another I couldn’t just get into. Nothing personal just couldnt do it. I have a small list but like isaid you might dig em so ill paint them in a good solid light and then tell you what i couldnt really do about em.

The Punisher (Garth Ennis, Lewis Larosa, Tom Palmer): Now with this one, its your standard Punisher fair. Brutally killing bad guys, plenty of gore, ok dialog. what can i say the man doesnt talk much. But for some it might be a really awesome one. The big reason for me is the art style. The Punisher looks to me a very stumpy looking Sylvester Stalone. Im also not to hip on the coloring but like i said it might be your cup o tea but not mine.

Green Lantern (Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke. Christian Alamy): Now this is one story that i followed for a couple of issues. But like a couple of the others it just didnt hold my attention span. I went oh about 4 issues before it just fell by the way side. The art wasnt bad, the story wasnt bad but it wasnt anything eye poping. The Green Lantern might be on your check out list and thats fine and dandy but i just didnt see anything worth really carrying on for.

Demon Knights (Paul Cornell, Diogenes Neves, Oclair Albert): Now for this comic i was surprised. I followed for about issues and like Green Lantern it couldnt keep my attention span. The idea of the Demon Knight is cool, the art style is decent for a DC comic and the story was somewhat interesting. But still wasnt enough that it kept my attention. like i said it was definatly ok but nothing special.

Detective Comics Batman (Tony Daniel, Ryan Winn): Now this is pretty standard fair for batman. Joker is loose in the city and people are dying in strange ways. In the end the Joker had his face skinned but he was still alive. the only reason i bought and read the comic. I then read further as the monthly went on and i lost interest. it just as the others lost my interest and fell by the wayside. nothing really wrong with it just couldnt do it.

The last one that really holds any merrit is another marvel which is rare because im really a Marvel fan and a DYNAMITE fan.

Uncanny X-Men (Gillen, Pacheco, Smith, D’Armata): This comic comes after the X-Men Schism. Logan and Scott had thier fallout and it split the x-men into two factions. Logans School and Scotts X-Men. For this the first few issues are action packed with giant space gaurdians and a city made of Mr. Sinister. But with Scott as the lead and as the writers usualy write his personality pretty fair and roughly the same over the past decade or so it didnt strike me as dynamic enough to keep reading. I might check out a couple of issues down the line that might change my mind and thats true with all of these but in the end these are just a cross section of a few that i couldnt keep up with.

So in the end that all it is, lack of attention for these.


2 responses to “Comics! The one that failed!

  1. I love Garth Ennis and his versions of anything. Usually they are very gritty, but always worth the read for me. Also, the new 52 of Detective Comics has been incredible in my book. Not that I disagree with your losing interest, but I am an artist first and foremost and Daniel pencils the hell out of it Batman. Another I might suggest for your readers would be Amazing Spider-Man. I’m a HUGE Spider-fan, but recently they’ve been pretty lackluster. I’m sure there are a lot of people who love them because they are still selling, but I had to cut it off of my monthlies list because it just wasn’t good anymore. Instead I started picking up the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and have loved every second of it.

    • I really like Ennis too. Just for some reason it just didnt agree with me. Im sort of finiky with things like that. To be honest im terrified of picking up the Ultimate Spiderman and not seeing Peter Parker. But when it comes to spidey related issues, i like to stick with my symbiotes. I plan on getting the trade hardback Maximum Carnage and Carnage U.S.A. Also sticking to my Venom who has just kicked the ass of Eddie Brock who is now the new Toxin. I miss the Toxin to be honest. He was kinda funny in a Odd Couple sort of way.

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