Comics! Danger Club!

Ok here is a short and a fun one. This Image comic is only two issues in and so far im loving it! It definately has a young justice league feel bro. But its alot more brutal. Anyhoo the back story for it is that all of the worlds super heros went off into space to fight some unknown enemy at this point. With the heros gone and no evidence to show that they might be coming back, the sidekicks of the world let everything fall to an anarchic state in thier own sites. One of the stronger sidekicks Apollo even tried to create a super powered super side kick army. It didnt work all thanks to the Danger Club. The main characters consist of a Robin archetype names Kid Vigilante, a Magic user archetype named Ivan , essentially a gundam and gumdam pilot (its neat though.) named Yoshimi and finally a Nick Fury archetype named Jack. The ride from the first page to the last is definately a fun and brutal one. So if you get a chance and your looking for a filler for the inbetween weeks or just something new to spice up your life I do Suggest Danger Club.



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