Comics! Saga!

A base of Star Wars with a pinch of Game of Thrones. Tolkien adds a dash of spooks. FlCL provides the T.V.’s and the magic sparks all it’s own! (insert evil witch laugh here)

Ok my dearies this review is for the comic Saga. There can be alot to say about this comic but at the same time there isn’t. In short this is made of win and awesome. The long version goes like this. Saga is a comic based in a universe where there is alot of crazy shit. It really is simple as that. It follows the lives of a political prisoner who escapes a prison with a gaurd he fell in love with. Him being some sort of Pan creature is soley magic based while the love of his life is a gun toter. With that dynamic set in place thier personalities are written to be really believable put in impossible situations which is one of the reasons why I love this comic. Theres also nothing in this comic that is whole heartedly normal. It throws blatent situations at you very fast and you have nothing to do but accept it and love it. The very first issue has the female lead Alana giving birth. Then there is T.V. headed people having sex. You read that right. Read that part again to make sure. Now moving on. If that hasn’t caught your attention then nothing will.

Like I said in my little spell to draw you into the world of Saga, it is a giant mix of alot of things. It is set in a universe where magic and technology runs side by side. Where there is interstellar travel. Where ghosts like people and where cats tell you if someone is lying. It’s a strange world but it is Saga. The story is also taken from the view of a story told to the narrorator who happens to be the lead characters child.  All that aside the story is full of action, thrills, political intrique, strange things that will scare you and arouse you at the same time and it is all pulled togather with a wonderfully fresh art and ink style that I have fallen in love with. The dialog is masterfully written and the personalities of all the characters are believeable like ive said before. So once again my nerdcore crazies take a minute out of your day and pick up this comic. It is on its third issue (of which are twice as long as a normal comic) and is only $2.99. If anything should tell you about this comic its this: My wifey who is the absolute most pickiest person I’ve ever known loves this comic and is her first monthly. So there. Go on now.


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