Comics! King Conan!

I bid thee welcome to our kings hallowed halls. Where the sounds of metal on metal can be heard through the corridors in the words of songs. May he reign long. May he live long. All Hail King Conan!

Hey there, this is another one of those reviews I’m so excited about I give you a little opener. This review centers around the worlds favorite Cimmerian….Conan. Gone are the days of Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer. Now we enter the days of peace under the rule of the king. He who strangled King Neminides with his bare hands and placed the crown on his own furrowed brow. Who has been blessed by Crom and Mitra. Feared and hated by the loyalists of Set.

Ok yeah sounds fucking awesome right? It is. Dark Horse comics from time to time releases a King Conan miniseries. Both of them have been four parters and waiting four months is the most hellish agony I (an avid lover of Red and Queen Sonja and all things Conan) can endure besides a root canal. Anyway the books always set up for a Scribe by the name of Pramis to take down the history and stories of the Kings rule over Alquilonia. The series is set up to tell a tale (in true Hyborian) of steel and magic. Each one is one different short story of the adventures and mishaps of King Conan.

In the first of the miniseries: The Crimson Citadel, our king is lured into a trap set by traitors. His army decimated and flanked on all sides he is taken prisoner by a Sorceror of Set named Tsotha Lantis to let his triators rush the Kings home in Aquilonia and put a puppet kin in place. I don’t want to give too many details but Conan is once again faced with a dire situation that only his Cimerrian strength and barbaric rage will allow him to survive.  He does so and wins the day but not before enacting bloody revenge. Now even though I gave out the story line the details are quite the show. So please pick this up when you can at least for a read once in a while. Since these mini series seem to come out so very often and there is only two there shouldn’t be a problem catching up.

The Second of the mini series is: The Phoenix on the Sword. This is a tale told to Pramis by the gray wolf with teeth as our king so eloquently put it. This story is of a plot to assasinate our proud King. The only thing that kept Conan alive was a visit by the ancient sage Epemitreus! With Mitras blessing Conan awoke just in time to thwart his HUMAN slayers but there is something lurking in the shadows. Something dark. Something Devious. Something from the bowels of Set himself. This story line has a couple of twists and turns and our favorite Setite Thoth Amon.

So my dear readers, in conclusion these series should be given a look. The story lines are extremely elegant for a Conan series. There is plenty of action and plenty of suspence. The art is some of my favorite I have seen for any Conan title and the dialog is too. So if you can get your hands on it I  do suggest giving them a read.



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