Comics! The one I wish would return!

Hey there kiddies. How are you all tonight? I’m doing ok I believe. I was just looking at my past comic buys and going through them seeing which ones I kept on with and the ones that ended. Eventually I came to this one comic named KING!. There have been alot of comics lost to time because of time constraints, money constraints, companies going under things like that. Alot of these comics were really good if not better then some of the major titles that you know and love. To me one of these titles was KING! by Blacklist Studios.

I haven’t seen any update by Blacklist since a 2011 website update. So im pretty sure it is safe to say we probably wont be seeing anything from them for a long time. Anyhoo now to know what we are missing out. KING! has a very simple premise. Elvis Presley is a gun for hire to kill supernatural creatures. In the two issues released we see him fighting ancient mayan zombies and a demigod. Then we see him fight vampires while making rock n roll refferences and generally being awesome. The art style is very much like the Hellboy and B.P.R.D. series along with Blacklist’s other title R13 which was about a skull in a robotic armor fighting monsters as well. There could have been alot of potential missed with King. I mean honestly who wouldn’t want to see Elvis fighting monsters with a sawed off shotgun, the spear of destiny and a giant pompadour. So KING! like Elvis himself is seen only once in a while and he is missed dearly.

Hail to the king baby.


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