Comics! Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost!

As every good nerd does, I love Star Wars. I love the Empire. I love the original movies. I love the Extended Universe. I love the 501st (I really want to join them one day.)! Don’t like Jar Jar Binks though. I don’t think anyone likes Jar Jar… But right now were not talking Jar Jar. We my good friends are talking about the last living Relic of the Empire. The Last Imperial Gaurd: Kir Kanos. 

The story goes over a few different Crimson Empires but Empire lost should be the last of the series. It pits one faction of the empire lead by one of Darth Vader’s apprentices against two factions. The Empire and The New Republic. There is a ton of political espionage, sabotaging, explosions, aliens and lasers. This is honestly a story line I waited almost an entire year to complete. It spans over six comics and for some reason the sixth one took a couple of months to get to shelves. For some reason I didn’t ask why and I feel like I’m starting to want to. Anyhoo, the story is essentially stand alone. You don’t need too much back story besides knowing that the rebels won at the Battle of Endor. So it’s an easy read compared to some Star Wars titles. The art isn’t the greatest I’ve seen from Dark Horse but it forgivable. The Story line and the Dialog is very well written. Either way all of the books are now on shelves and if you are a star wars fan I would definitely check it out to see the true end of the old Empire…..

Long Live The Empire!


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