Comics! Tiny Titans!

Hello there my nerdcore crazies. Today I believe I will be talking about a very kid friendly comic called Tiny Titans. It is a DC title with a lot of our favorite sidekicks going on crazy and wacky adventures. The reason I even have these is because I have a little comic geek growing up with me. My daughter loves to read my comics and that just tickles me pink. So usually once a month I’ll take her into Third Eye Comics to pick out a comic for her. Sometimes it’s more frequent but I at least do it once a month since she can’t really read that well. Anyways besides a Spiderman novel, A couple of Tinkerbell novels, she picked out Tiny Titans. After sitting down with her and reading it to her I realized that I liked it myself. It was a really fun comic. Lots of bright colors. Easily understood dialog and a simple art style. It is perfect for the little nerd. The Gods know it’s hard as hell to raise a kid but trying to help a kid understand something like Saga is impossible and probably shouldn’t happen. So yeah. Tiny Titans for the tiny nerd  or nerds you love dearly. Check it out and make sure it gets on your monthly. These comics honestly sell out real fast. 


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