Games! Zombie Dice!

A virus breaks out into the world. Scores of infected people scour the streets paved in blood and gore looking for food. Running, screaming and kicking food. You are infected. You are a zombie. 

The player who goes first is the person who won the last game OR the person who can say BRAINNNNS with the most feeling. The game has 13 dice. Each dice has a set of steps, brains, shotguns and more brains. Each turn you throw your dice. If your dice gets the steps your victim got away and it’s a re-roll. If you get three shotguns then your turn is over and you count your brains. The point of the game is to get the most brains out of everyone playing.

Its a simple and quick game. It is fun as all hell when you get competitive like my wife does. (shes not aloud to play monopoly anymore….) So if you have some friends who are up into zombies and stuff you should check out Zombie Dice while watching Dawn of the Dead packing back a couple of brews.


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