Comics! KISS!


That’s right my dear Nerdcore Nation! KISS is back in the comic groove and it is fucking funky! It might not kick my soul in it’s nuts as a few other comics have BUT it is close. it got my shins and definitely got my attention. KISS starts off our favorite rockstars in the 1920’s in unassuming roles. Its prohibition in Chicago. The land of Speak Easys and Gangsters. An informant is brought in before the boss. The boss tells him to go to hell. Now usually this is just the point where they take him out back and shoot him but no not here. The boss actually rips open a portal to hell. Before he gets tossed in he gets a kiss from a dancer who is definitely more then a stripper. The being empowers our informant with celestial energy just as he gets tossed to hell so he instinctively makes his way out. He finds three others. These four form a unity of power made of pure ROCK, AWESOMENESS, AND BADASSERY. It’s KISS! Do I honestly have to say anymore? Yeah the comic gets a little bit cheesy but it’s based on a fucking awesome rockband. Speaking of When is LORDI going to get their comic? They already had a really cool movie. It was trippy as hell and definitely spooky. It’s called Dark Floors. It’s a good B-movie at the least.  Anyhoo, even though this comic gets kinda cheesy, the artstyle is decent and so is the dialog. If you have seen any KISS movies…. you’d understand exactly how great of a feat that is. *AhemKISSmeetsthephantomoftheparkahem* Real movie. By the way if you could not tell by now I love KISS. I am a proud upstanding member of the KISS ARMY. So anyhoo. Without my KISS bias, you need to check it out. Or Gene Simmons will probably have sex with your mom. Less he has already done that then he will probably do it again.


Comics! Adventure Time!


ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!1!1!111!

Ok my nerdcore crazies, I’ve already reviewed the show now its time for the comic! Yes Adventure Time has a comic. They also have a wiki too. There isn’t much difference between the comic and the show. It’s all made of sugary pure AWESOMENESS! The comic has all the characters, the art style, the colors, the adventure and the dialog is straight up tops blooby.

The comic fall right in line with the awesomeness Pendleton Ward puts in motion for over 200 episodes now. While your reading the comic it is almost as if you read the dialog in the characters voices. Thats how natural PB’s or Marceline’s lines are. So if your a fan of the show i definitely suggest picking up the comic. My kids love the show AND the comic. With it reaching the 5th issue this month it won’t be hard to catch up.

So Adventure Time show and comic. Adult tested Kid approved!

Comics! Mars Attacks!

Ack ackackackackack. Ack, ack ack acka ackackack. AckGiorgio A. Tsoukalosackackack ack ackackack acka ackackack acka ack ackackack. Awesomeness ackackaack aaack ackack. Ackackackbrainskullsackack ackack acackackackacka acka ackacka acka ackackackack ackaackackaaackkkkackack. ACkackacka ACKACKACK!!! ackackackackaackaCK, Ackack ACkackackack.

Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! ackackack ackackcck ACkackack ACk ackackackack.

*Translated from martian…

Hey there Nerdcore Crazies! We got some awesome news from the red planet! Little green men from space with big eyes and brainskulls for heads will be coming! in fact… They are already here and it is AWESOME! Ok so I might be a little over excited about this comic…actually no I’m not excited enough. Either way this comic is something you have to read. I’m a huge fan of old sci-fi b-movies. I’m a fan of old sci-fi b-comics and pulp comics. I’m a fan of aliens. Also a fan of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the Ancient Aliens guy who is well nuts. On a side note is it just me but over the seasons is his hair getting bigger or is he slowly being abducted?

Anyhoo back to the comic at hand. Mars Attacks. Issue #1 starts as a prequel explaining why the red planet is angry at us to begin with and you can thank a crooked redneck carnival guy. Who knew right? Anyhoo The story is smart and the dialog is natural. The art isn’t too amazing but it doesn’t have to be. Its aliens. Its Mars Attacks. What else could you ask for? I can’t think of it. It has action! It has Drama! I’m sure future issues will have romance! But for the time being I’m happy with what it is. Another really cool tidbit of information about the books is that the original cards that came with the Real O.G. comics are being printed as the covers. So what that means is that there are 50 collectable issues of issue #1. So expect a lot of hunting and trading for that one you reaaaly want. If you really want to drop the cash you should also be able to ask your Local Comic Shop for a box set of all the issues! If I had the money I’d rock that so hard. But until we can expand the Nerdcore Nation so that i might get some add revenue That might not be happening. So lets aim for that my dearies! Lets also aim to get a defense going just in case  Mars Attacks!

Food! A Pineapple Angelfood Cake Thing…!

Ok nerdcore kiddies this is for the adults! Oooo yeaaah… Creepyness aside there are a few things my wife loves to do. Bake and finding things on the internets to bake. This time the caek is not a lie. While hunting the deep dark bowels of the food side of the internet, she found a recipe for a Pineapple Angelfood Caek. Let me tell you this she found that last week..we’ve made it twice! Here is how it goes.

First go to the store and grab a box of angel food caek and a can of crushed pineapples. She gets the big can for us because I really love pineapple and it’s just better that way. Anyhoo instead of following the directions all she does is add the pineapple to the mix. Stir it up and put it in a greased 9×13 caek pan. After that she throws it into the oven on 425 for about 20 minutes or so. Then take it out to cool. While its cooking you can make your own whupp cream topping for it. I don’t know how to do that but ill have my wife put her recipe on here. Im not too partial to whuppin cream but her’s is pretty good. Anyway for now enjoy this kiddies!



Hey there nerdcore crazies! I would like to take a minute out of your time and talk internets with you. We all have our favorite sites…some more legit then others… Anyhoo, One site I’ve found is seriously wicked awesome! I love games. mostly I love older games. More specifically, I love old pc games that strike a heart string. What I love even more is being in a community that enjoys the games too. There is nothing like talking about your past exploits in Neverwinter or solving the mysteries Beneath A Steel Sky. It is some of the best conversation that you will have in a long time. Sadly these games have come and gone and for alot of us it is just dust in the wind. Memories lost to the wheels of time and hands of fate.

But there is a force in this universe that is turning backwards the hands of time. There is a force in this world that is telling the fates NO! This force of unstoppable awesomeness is called! This site has some of the greatest games ever to be played that was made for the computer. Old gems that you will almost never find. Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil, Fallout, Thief to name a few! This amazing site has some of the most played and awesome games for a great price too! Most are under 9.99! I am a returning customer and will be for a long time… soon as I beat Neverwinter Nights… So my dear Nerdcore Nation…. go check out next time you get a chance.

Comics! Extermination!

What happens when good meets evil? Usually there is an epic fight and the good guy triumphs over evil…

Well….What happens to that fight in a post apocalyptic world? The good guy and the bad guy become partners trying to servive a desert waste land attempting to make it one more day. This is Extinction and this is an awesome formula. Extinction takes an essential Batman archetype and pins it together with a Evil Scientist archetype villain for a end of the world surviving dynamic duo. The comic starts out with our odd couple being chased through the desert looking for the remains of Nox’s base. They haven’t seen a survivor in  weeks and all there is out there are the creatures and them and a barren waste. The Red Reaper seems to act like a anti-jimminy cricket for Nox. That in itself is neat. During the comic there are flash backs to before the creatures arrived. By the end of the comic we see one of the creatures eating a child. Red Reaper points this out to be the true face of evil in the world and does all he can to work Nox up to kill it. Nox does and the scene looks like Nox finally had a hinge loose that just broke off if you know what I mean. IT also ends the comic with them surrounded by a bunch of creatures that heard the gun shots and close in on their location. I hate it when comics do that. Actually the feeling is more of a love hate relationship.

During my reading of this comic, I noticed a few things that kind of gave it a freshness. First of all the good guy Nox is one of those overbearing good guys in which he doesn’t like to kill or bad language. However roughing up a bad guy pretty good is ok. A guy’s gotta have morals you know. He also seems pretty strict which at a point becomes somewhat comical. The Villain The Red Reaper is one of those evil scientists that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and fighty which I thought was neat. I’m always  a fan of a super villain getting into the mix and not just letting his lackeys do it for him. As for the story itself, i think it is really cool. I honestly do. It wouldn’t become a monthly but if I had some spare change I would check it out. The art style for the humans to me isn’t too special but the monsters are absoluytely strange and awesome I love it. The coloring is also rockin for the comic too.

So all in all definitely something to check out. Issue #1 is just a buck so props to Boom! for that.

Movies! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance!

Ok, so I know I’m quite a bit behind the times. I don’t get out to movies all that often, the people the crying of children when I have to listen to my two cry constantly. Just not the haven it once was. Anyhoo now that I’m done complaining for the most part lets get to the subject at hand. Ghost Rider. Ghost rider is a simple character that is extremely complex. For the most part the internal struggle with Blaze is the complex part. Zarathos just kicks ass and takes……well Zarathos just kicks ass. There is only so much you can do with a GhostRider movie. I’ve been going back and reading the older GR comics and the more I do the more I see that Cage is really good for the role more or less the same reason Robert Downey Jr is perfect for Tony Stark. Like our old pal Joe Dirt says: why is a rainbow good? Why are boobs good. Just is.

That is what I am saying with GR2. In my honest opinion the acting got better, Cage left out alot of annoying mannerisms he had from the first movie and all in all the visuals for the movie kick my soul in it’s nuts. The only other time that has happened was when I played Brutal Legend. But as I have said earlier in my little review of GR2, is that for what it is (and what it is, is a simple anti-hero movie) the movie is done very well and to the best of it’s ability. I’m not 100% easy to please when it comes to movies. I did however loved the Avengers. But I’m not here to review that or will I review it. No because we all saw it and we all came in our pants when Hulk Smashed.

The only thing they could have done better was set up for a Midnight Sons movie with Blade and Morbius and Vengeance with Doctor Strange. That is the absolutely greatest thing I could think of they could have done with this movie. Anyway In my opinion it gets a B+. Take it for what you will. If you saw it in theaters go and rent it off redbox to check it out one more time if you still don’t like it well that my friends is not my fault. lol (I don’t add that ever, I really laughed. I’m giggling like a bitch from watching this movies 3 times in a row now.)

Anyhoo go watch it again or check it out for the first time then go buy it. Seriously though I know most of you will probably just download. I don’t care. Just get it. I’m no lawman. But I suggest getting it before you get pissed on by Ghost Rider. I have a feeling that would burn…