FOOD! Home made Cheese sauce for tortilla dippins!

Ok my good friends. Eventually it will come to this. I love good food. I really do. A lot of the food I cook is pretty well home made. Ingredients come from the store, i put them together in awesome ways. Tonight I was feeling like a science experiment. So I went into my cupboard of science experiments gone horribly wrong. Like my two headed pigfrog. Some things you just don’t ask about.

Anyway I found two cans of Campbells cheese sauce (great for cooking apparently as so it says it on the can’s face.) A can of tomatoes with green chilis and a bag of taco seasoning all behind my floating alien head that I think keeps trying to put ideas in my head. Like how to put together a gravity drive for interstellar travel. But that is another story.

Well lets see take the two cans of cheese and spoon it out into a decent size bowl. Then take one of the cans and fill it with milk to pour into it. Mix it up as good as you can. Then add in a half of can of the tomato and chili and mix it up. After that pour in one half bag of the seasoning and make a good mix. Put it in a microwave for oh about 4 minutes covered(so it doesn’t explode.) take it out give it a good whisk with a whisk and throw some damn tortillas in there to get it out of the bowl with. Now tell me that isn’t awesome and a helluva lot cheaper then buying a small little jar of queso from the store.


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