Games! Dungeons and Dragons 4.0!

You awaken in a cage cold and naked. It is made of black obsidion, stronger then you. Your cell is dimly lit by a dying fire and the flames from a fire giants beard. You remember why you are here and your daily hate begins slowly. What do you do next?

So last night I started a D&D campaign with the awesome guys at CrashGem! (shameless plug: go check them out on here. search CrashGem). There were fire giants and frost trolls and Red dragons and Ice Dragons and well yours truly was a heroic 3.6 goblin shaman. O.k. so I wasn’t THAT heroic but I did my part. I threw out some pretty good heals and got thrown into one nasty situation after another. Going from being on fire in a wagon with two dragons doing the tango to being thrown down a giant snake made water slide in a cave of doom. Then having team mates being thrown after me while I attempted to climb up all the while we were cornered in a cave with elves at the entrance elementals on all sides and a giant snake trying to make us its dinner. We had to let our beloved dinosaur Herbert go distracting the elves and buying us enough time for everyone to jump down the water slide to almost certain doom. But we didn’t die. In fact we all survived and hoped for the best for Herbert…. Wherever you are we hope you are well our beloved triceratops. We saved your hide at the caravan…you taught us friendship….you taught us to be good to each other….and in the end you saved us….thank you Herbert…..thank you.

The game overall seemed well balanced and nicely paced but that also comes to a good DM. Overall experience…..AWESOME.. can’t wait till next week guys!


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