Comic News! The Green Lantern…Coming out!

Ok so those of you who have been following the recent rumor of a Gay Superhero in the DC universe coming out…well it’s happened. Starting in Earth 2 of the New 52, Green Lantern, Alan Scott will be younger and well.. gay. Honestly this has no obvious affect on me. I’ve never been a big DC reader so I can’t really comment on it too much especially since it isn’t the first openly gay character ever. Though the story line is that Alan Scott is younger in this (which makes his gay son not exist for those of you who know your comic history) And he has taken on that part. But to my knowledge he is a blatantly successful superhero who just happens to be gay. The writers are said that this won’t delve into some deeper story that later on will just blow up. So honestly whats the big deal? One version of Hal Jordan was black if I believe. Its essentially the same thing. Why does it matter? Sure some kind of culture will become more represented but in the end what does it accomplish? We still want to see the super hero kick the villains butt and save the day. It doesn’t matter if they are green, blue, black, sexless or Spawn(Spawn is Spawn and he is made from Wynn and Awesome). We want action. We want drama. We want to see inked out explosions and cool aliens and monsters. Who cares if the person punching the monster in the face is gay. Also on that note good luck to Northstar with his marriage to his boyfriend. I’m married and well..just good luck Northstar.


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