Comics! Jurassic Strike Force 5!

What is better then Genetically Altered Dinosaurs in armor with giant guns? NOTHING!

That is what JSF5 is. It is sheer greatness. The premise of this story is that millions of years ago. 6.5 million to be exact. A evil universal conqueror came to our system and took some dinos for genetic reconstruction to make his own personal guards. Some of the dinos didn’t like what our evil alien conqueror Zalex was doing. So somewhere between #0 and #1 they crashed the ship they were all on and everyone froze over till some humans excavated them out of a glacier. Now Zalex is back and badder then ever with his answer to our cool blooded heros The Reptilians. It is up to some unlikely human heros and the might of the Jurassic Strike Force Five to put Zalex back on ice. For good.

All that being said JSF5 is just a fun comic. It doesn’t run deep and alot of it is pretty light. The characters remind me alot of Autobot and Decepticon personalities. So honestly it is quite a bit of a mix of Transformers, Power Rangers, Jurassic Park, and some bad Micheal Bay film. (May he be flogged oh ruiner of my childhood.) Its a fun action packed adventure with a doesn’t hold up on high art standards but over all it’s just plain fun. If you get a few cents together go ahead and give it a read. I think it would be pretty good for younger teens seeing as they like micheal bay and all.



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