Companies! Dynamite Comics!

Hey there nerdcore crazies. Tonight I would like to sit down and talk to you about a little company called DYNAMITE. It has been only in the past year and a half now that I’ve really gotten back to comics due to the lack of a comic shop. However since then I have been sitting back enjoying my Local Comic Shop Third Eye Comics. You can find them on facebook and if your a maryland local then definitely check their locations in Prince Frederick (my home town) and Annapolis. Now that we are done with the plugs…

I have put alot of money down into Marvel and DC and Image but what I would like to really talk about is Dynamite. Before I started getting back into it I never really payed attention to DE comics. Soon after Free Comic Day the first year TEC was open, I got a #0 for Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword. After that I hunted down quite a bit of Dynamite. Not as much as I would like but that is just due to monetary restrictions. But here I am almost a year and a half later and I value Dynamite over most of the bigger name comic producers like Marvel (Stan Lee is still a god among nerds) and Image (as I have said, I was never a big DC fan).

Some of my favorite type of comics are the old pulp and fantasy heroes. Heroes and Heroines like The Shadow and Red Sonja, those are what I love to read. I love the detective comics and fantasy. Sure Venom and Captain America are cool. But honestly… Who knows what evils lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows (cue insidious laughter). The ambiguity of the moral compass of the supposed heroes keeps you on your toes and makes you question their actions as they question their actions. In my opinion (and if your reading, I’m sure you like hearing about what I think) Dynamite captures a certain corner of the comic world that deal with more probable personality types. The main characters, the supporting characters and even the villains all seem like someone you might meet on the street. Though lets hope we don’t see a Thulsa Doom walking around. But they have also brought back to light some of the best superheros comics have had since the golden age. With a line up that is including but not limited to Kato, The Green Hornet, The Shadow, The Spider, Red Sonja, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and a whole ton more of awesome and more then unique characters doting the Dynamite line up there is absolutely no reason you should not pay attention to this little company.

My final word is going to end with that I truly think that Dynamite has amazing artists and a team of crack writers for story and dialog. If I could afford to put more money into them I would but right now just not in the cards. So do me a favor next time you head into your LCS check out some Dynamite Comics. They are just the bomb. (ever regret saying something as soon as it comes out of your mouth? yeah thats not me. They are straight up awesome yo.)

For a small run down of comic books you can find them here at their website:



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