Comic Update! Red Lanterns!

With Blood and Rage…

Is how #10 starts. In a cross over for #10 Atrocitus rages against the Stormwatch. If you know about the DCU then you know more then me. Anyhoo, I’d just like to update my post for the Red Lanterns. At this point a lot of things have gone down including the first Human Red Lantern using his ring to make constructs. All that aside, The art is officially unbelievable. With Miguel Sepulveda as the artist and Rain Beredo as the inker, The Red Lanters have a dark and gritty new art style and I’ll tell ya guys Atrocitus looks even more badass then before. I know your saying things like Jeebles….How can he look more bad ass? Well He just does. I couldnt find a pic of #10 inside the cover yet so you’ll just have to go and pick it up and see. Also the first 10 issues have come into a paperback if you want to take a look at that. So kiddies this is it for this one. Just a update I thought you might like to know about. I really hope that this art style continues.



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