NEWS! Space!

Alrighty nerdcore crazies. It is comics AND MORE so i believe it revolves around comics, vidya games, tv, movies and science and maths. Anything that is pretty interesting to people of our unique understanding of the world. Anyhoo I was going through some sites (Yahoo being one of them) and I found an interesting article that I thought you might like to know about if you don’t frequent the pages of Yahoo much.

According to NASA scientists, The Spitzer Space Telescope seems to have caught some of the earliest items created after the Big Bang. No we are not talking about Sheldon’s ego. The items caught on infrared seem to be super hugely massive stars or black holes. After 400 hours of observing two patches of sky, Spitzer caught these vastly distant objects.

You can find the rest of  the article here  

Enjoy the article crazies.


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