Comics! Prophecy Book One!

Every now and then there comes a cross over that just shocks the universe it is in. Transformers meets G. I. Joe or The Circle of Four from Marvel. But this is DYNAMITE! *kicks the others into the pit of doom* Anyhoo, Prophecy is a cross over I’ve been waiting for since I’ve heard about it.

It starts off with Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigating a murder at a museum with one piece of Aztec antiquery missing. Then it zooms you off to the distant past with sorcerer Kulan Gath taking hearts out of slaves as high priest for the Aztec people. Red Sonja is there in rope bonds. As she frees herself to kill her hated enemy Gath, he kills a gaurd and begins a spell to take him to the end of time to use the energy from the end of the world as the ultimate power. It transports them both to the end of the world and when she awakes Gath is no where to be found but….. Vampirella is….and so is Dracula…. With very little else to go on at this point I can’t say more though I would love to.

Prophecy is looking like it will be an amazing story arc for the characters and an amazing read for us. Go check it out now if you haven’t had a chance yet do it when you can. I shall ne’er lead you stray my crazies.



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