News! Comic news for the week of June 13th!

Ok my dear nerdcore crazies, I have a little bit of info for you to keep you on the up and up of the comic world this week. Not a whole lot of major things happening but the things that are, are pretty friggin sweet.

Lets start off on a BOOM! with Dynamite Entertainment. We have a returning comic character from the Silver Age of comics ladies and gentlemen. From the halls of comic book history, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt created by the late Pete Morisi, returns to comics this September. The iconic silver age hero will be taken over by Steve Darnell, Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassaday and Ardian Syaf. The famous super hero author will be fighting against not only the bad guys but his admirers too. Be expecting a heavy book too. Not only do you get issue #1 but you get another full story by the original creator that was never published with a forward by Mark Waid. Still for the price of $3.99. That to me is just a reason why Dynamite is quickly climbing the latter on the hierarchy of comic book companies on my list.

Among the Dynamite news I could scrounge up, a fantasy world will be coming to Dynamite in august. The world of dragons and magic  called Pathfinder will be pushed onto shelves sometime this summer. I didn’t see many details about that but since I’m a fantasy nut I will be paying attention to this.

In DC news, Anthony Bordain, the famous chef, author, Travel Channel superstar will be getting his own graphic novel. It is described as gang wars that are lead by chefs instead of godfathers. It is called Get Jiro and it is co-written by Joel Rose. The art is by Langdon Foss and looks quite unique for a DC title. The graphic novel is slated to hit stores later this month on the 27. So keep an eye out for that.

In bigger DC news, September has been announced as Month 0. In this special month that was timed with the anniversary of The New 52, you will see origin stand alone comics that fill in the blanks of origin stories or you will see full origin stories all together. Also in Month 0 you will be seeing the introduction of a couple of on going comic lines. Most notable will be Superman with Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort. Also ( personal favorite) The Phantom Stranger will be making a comeback in the DC line up. They will also be introducing Talon, Sword of Sorcery and Team 7. All which just from their covers look interesting enough for me to check out when they hit shelves.

Onto Marvel news. This week we will be taking a look at what happens when Spider-men meet. The new Spiderman will be meeting our old Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman: Peter Parker in what I believe is an ongoing series. Issue #1 will let us know that Peter is dead and that this Parker is from another Dimension. Now honestly who couldn’t believe that. I mean how many Peter Parkers have we seen over the years? Trillions! Not really but I’m more then positive that this book will be worth a read and trust me when I say this I am not a fan of the new spiderman. Just isn’t Spiderman to me. But hey this is just my opinion.

Also this week Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengance will be riding out onto store shelves Blazing with a fierceness of a guy in a leather jacket with a flaming skull who has more then just a hot head. Ok I’ll stop the noise with that. But seriously Marvel has done something that they didn’t realize they did. They set up a Midnight Sons movie. Just a few more characters and viola you have a anti-hero avengers team starting with Blade and GhostRider. I know I’m not the only person who remembers The Midnight Sons. All we need is a Night Stalkers movie featuring Morbius with a Vengence and Ghostrider Daniel Ketch movie and boom sets up for some awesome anti-demon action with more guys with flaming skulls then you can shake holy water at.

In movie news N.A.S.A. has once again teamed up with Marvel to bring awesomeness to the world. This time it will be out of this world! With help from N.A.S.A., Marvel will be screening The Avengers for the astronaughts enjoyment. A group of Amazing individuals will be watching an amazing movie an incredible distance from home.

In IDW news the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be coming back in full force to repell the Borg thread that has already assimilated the galaxy. So be sure to follow the fight of the Enterprise and watch them show the Borg that Resistance is NOT Futile. The series will be beaming up onto shelves this September.

Also in further news Nickelodeonand IDW are teaming up to create a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles iOS exclusive app that will have the entirety of the TNMT comic line with updates each month for the on-going series.

The novel: A Fine and Private Place will be getting a comic book treatment. An Ex Pharmicist has been living in a cemetery for the past 19 years. He is being taken care of by a talking Raven and shares conversations with two unique spirits and an old widow named Ms Klapper. It will follow the story line of the book and include much of the subtle humor and cynicism that abounds the book. While were on novels coming to books I would love to see someone take a look at my favorite horror author’s books. I would love to see Edward Lee’s City Infernal or The Golem put into comics or graphic novels. Go on and find them and take a read. they are amazing books.

In other horror and IDW news, Yoe Books and IDW will be lifting the ban from the comic series Zombies! During the 50’s this comic line was seen as as such a terrifying and depraved comic that it was banned nation wide from being sold. Now in all of its gruesome and despicable glory in hard bound and full color book of all the issues totaling to 148 pages of pure horror. At $21.99 this is a must have for anyone into zombies, collecting old comics or into the horror genre. I know I’ll be grabbing a copy as soon as I get a bit of change up.

Well that is all I have for you this week nerdcore crazies. I’ll have more news for you next week and be on the look out later today for a review or two of comics.


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