Movies! Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance!

Ok, so I know I’m quite a bit behind the times. I don’t get out to movies all that often, the people the crying of children when I have to listen to my two cry constantly. Just not the haven it once was. Anyhoo now that I’m done complaining for the most part lets get to the subject at hand. Ghost Rider. Ghost rider is a simple character that is extremely complex. For the most part the internal struggle with Blaze is the complex part. Zarathos just kicks ass and takes……well Zarathos just kicks ass. There is only so much you can do with a GhostRider movie. I’ve been going back and reading the older GR comics and the more I do the more I see that Cage is really good for the role more or less the same reason Robert Downey Jr is perfect for Tony Stark. Like our old pal Joe Dirt says: why is a rainbow good? Why are boobs good. Just is.

That is what I am saying with GR2. In my honest opinion the acting got better, Cage left out alot of annoying mannerisms he had from the first movie and all in all the visuals for the movie kick my soul in it’s nuts. The only other time that has happened was when I played Brutal Legend. But as I have said earlier in my little review of GR2, is that for what it is (and what it is, is a simple anti-hero movie) the movie is done very well and to the best of it’s ability. I’m not 100% easy to please when it comes to movies. I did however loved the Avengers. But I’m not here to review that or will I review it. No because we all saw it and we all came in our pants when Hulk Smashed.

The only thing they could have done better was set up for a Midnight Sons movie with Blade and Morbius and Vengeance with Doctor Strange. That is the absolutely greatest thing I could think of they could have done with this movie. Anyway In my opinion it gets a B+. Take it for what you will. If you saw it in theaters go and rent it off redbox to check it out one more time if you still don’t like it well that my friends is not my fault. lol (I don’t add that ever, I really laughed. I’m giggling like a bitch from watching this movies 3 times in a row now.)

Anyhoo go watch it again or check it out for the first time then go buy it. Seriously though I know most of you will probably just download. I don’t care. Just get it. I’m no lawman. But I suggest getting it before you get pissed on by Ghost Rider. I have a feeling that would burn…


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