Comics! Extermination!

What happens when good meets evil? Usually there is an epic fight and the good guy triumphs over evil…

Well….What happens to that fight in a post apocalyptic world? The good guy and the bad guy become partners trying to servive a desert waste land attempting to make it one more day. This is Extinction and this is an awesome formula. Extinction takes an essential Batman archetype and pins it together with a Evil Scientist archetype villain for a end of the world surviving dynamic duo. The comic starts out with our odd couple being chased through the desert looking for the remains of Nox’s base. They haven’t seen a survivor in  weeks and all there is out there are the creatures and them and a barren waste. The Red Reaper seems to act like a anti-jimminy cricket for Nox. That in itself is neat. During the comic there are flash backs to before the creatures arrived. By the end of the comic we see one of the creatures eating a child. Red Reaper points this out to be the true face of evil in the world and does all he can to work Nox up to kill it. Nox does and the scene looks like Nox finally had a hinge loose that just broke off if you know what I mean. IT also ends the comic with them surrounded by a bunch of creatures that heard the gun shots and close in on their location. I hate it when comics do that. Actually the feeling is more of a love hate relationship.

During my reading of this comic, I noticed a few things that kind of gave it a freshness. First of all the good guy Nox is one of those overbearing good guys in which he doesn’t like to kill or bad language. However roughing up a bad guy pretty good is ok. A guy’s gotta have morals you know. He also seems pretty strict which at a point becomes somewhat comical. The Villain The Red Reaper is one of those evil scientists that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and fighty which I thought was neat. I’m always  a fan of a super villain getting into the mix and not just letting his lackeys do it for him. As for the story itself, i think it is really cool. I honestly do. It wouldn’t become a monthly but if I had some spare change I would check it out. The art style for the humans to me isn’t too special but the monsters are absoluytely strange and awesome I love it. The coloring is also rockin for the comic too.

So all in all definitely something to check out. Issue #1 is just a buck so props to Boom! for that.


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