Hey there nerdcore crazies! I would like to take a minute out of your time and talk internets with you. We all have our favorite sites…some more legit then others… Anyhoo, One site I’ve found is seriously wicked awesome! I love games. mostly I love older games. More specifically, I love old pc games that strike a heart string. What I love even more is being in a community that enjoys the games too. There is nothing like talking about your past exploits in Neverwinter or solving the mysteries Beneath A Steel Sky. It is some of the best conversation that you will have in a long time. Sadly these games have come and gone and for alot of us it is just dust in the wind. Memories lost to the wheels of time and hands of fate.

But there is a force in this universe that is turning backwards the hands of time. There is a force in this world that is telling the fates NO! This force of unstoppable awesomeness is called! This site has some of the greatest games ever to be played that was made for the computer. Old gems that you will almost never find. Neverwinter Nights, Baldurs Gate, Temple of Elemental Evil, Fallout, Thief to name a few! This amazing site has some of the most played and awesome games for a great price too! Most are under 9.99! I am a returning customer and will be for a long time… soon as I beat Neverwinter Nights… So my dear Nerdcore Nation…. go check out next time you get a chance.


4 responses to “Websites!!

  1. Hells yeah! Good site. Playing earth worm jim again. Why do you go back to the old games, not for nostalgia but for fun! Old games are just more fun. Lets be honest most games today are the same game as the next or are indeed a rip from an old one just with modern graphics and a hell of a lot of cheakpoints minus the fun.

  2. Great website. Nox, The witcher, 2 worlds, Sacred Gold and Serious Sam 1 & 2 to name but a few titles from their awesome catalogue. They have sales as well making already awesome deals unmissable. All legit and so far mostly DRM free too.

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