Comics! Mars Attacks!

Ack ackackackackack. Ack, ack ack acka ackackack. AckGiorgio A. Tsoukalosackackack ack ackackack acka ackackack acka ack ackackack. Awesomeness ackackaack aaack ackack. Ackackackbrainskullsackack ackack acackackackacka acka ackacka acka ackackackack ackaackackaaackkkkackack. ACkackacka ACKACKACK!!! ackackackackaackaCK, Ackack ACkackackack.

Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack! ackackack ackackcck ACkackack ACk ackackackack.

*Translated from martian…

Hey there Nerdcore Crazies! We got some awesome news from the red planet! Little green men from space with big eyes and brainskulls for heads will be coming! in fact… They are already here and it is AWESOME! Ok so I might be a little over excited about this comic…actually no I’m not excited enough. Either way this comic is something you have to read. I’m a huge fan of old sci-fi b-movies. I’m a fan of old sci-fi b-comics and pulp comics. I’m a fan of aliens. Also a fan of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the Ancient Aliens guy who is well nuts. On a side note is it just me but over the seasons is his hair getting bigger or is he slowly being abducted?

Anyhoo back to the comic at hand. Mars Attacks. Issue #1 starts as a prequel explaining why the red planet is angry at us to begin with and you can thank a crooked redneck carnival guy. Who knew right? Anyhoo The story is smart and the dialog is natural. The art isn’t too amazing but it doesn’t have to be. Its aliens. Its Mars Attacks. What else could you ask for? I can’t think of it. It has action! It has Drama! I’m sure future issues will have romance! But for the time being I’m happy with what it is. Another really cool tidbit of information about the books is that the original cards that came with the Real O.G. comics are being printed as the covers. So what that means is that there are 50 collectable issues of issue #1. So expect a lot of hunting and trading for that one you reaaaly want. If you really want to drop the cash you should also be able to ask your Local Comic Shop for a box set of all the issues! If I had the money I’d rock that so hard. But until we can expand the Nerdcore Nation so that i might get some add revenue That might not be happening. So lets aim for that my dearies! Lets also aim to get a defense going just in case  Mars Attacks!


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