Comics! Adventure Time!


ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!!!!1!1!111!

Ok my nerdcore crazies, I’ve already reviewed the show now its time for the comic! Yes Adventure Time has a comic. They also have a wiki too. There isn’t much difference between the comic and the show. It’s all made of sugary pure AWESOMENESS! The comic has all the characters, the art style, the colors, the adventure and the dialog is straight up tops blooby.

The comic fall right in line with the awesomeness Pendleton Ward puts in motion for over 200 episodes now. While your reading the comic it is almost as if you read the dialog in the characters voices. Thats how natural PB’s or Marceline’s lines are. So if your a fan of the show i definitely suggest picking up the comic. My kids love the show AND the comic. With it reaching the 5th issue this month it won’t be hard to catch up.

So Adventure Time show and comic. Adult tested Kid approved!


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