Comics! The Killing Joke!

Here is an oldie but goldie. The Killing Joke is a graphic novel exploring further the complex relationship between Batman and The Joker. All the while giving a possible glimpse into one of The Joker’s possible origins. As he has said it himself:” If I have to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!” Anywhoo there is a petition right now to have The Killing Joke turned into a animated movie with Mark Hamil returning as the Clown Prince Of Crime. I think this is one of the few things that we as comic book nerds are owed. Such a big stepping stone from Batman and The Joker’s past should indeed be made into a movie with all the bows, bells, whistles and booby traps. So when you get a chance head over to your facebook (unless you are a hipster then it would be too mainstream) and go to this link:

As I posted on this page myself….. DOOO EEEEET


TV/Movies! Firefly and Serenity!

Take my love.

Take my land.

Take me where I cannot stand.

I don’t care, I’m still free.

You can’t take the sky from me.

Since I’ve found Serenity.

Ok so I’m hitting on  a Firefly kick today. I have been watching for about 3 hours now and I plan on spending the rest of the day watching the Greatest Show Ever Cancelled. Unless you have lived under a rock, I’m sure you know. However for some readers that might be out of the country or have indeed lived in a cave or under a rock, I’ll give the rundown. of the show.

Now without going into immense detail like I honestly would, This show takes place after as galactic civil war. Now I know some of you may be screaming Starwars. But no. Think of this show as a futuristic aftershock of the U.S. Civil war. The Serenity a Firefly class star ship is captained by one Malcolm Reynolds and filled with a motley crew of a merc, a pilot, the doctor and his sister who is just strange, the Shepherd, a ditzy mechanic and a *Ahem* Companion. They fly through the skies smuggling this, delivering that. Gunfights here and a bar fight there. It’s like the wild west in space. The acting is amazing and the action is just mapped out by pure awesome and win. There is nothing about the show I can truly find fault with. So if you can grab up the season DVD and the movie named Serenity (after the ship) I suggest you do it as soon as possible.

Movies! The Dark Knight Rises!

Ok my dear Nerdcore Nation! I got two video blogs up for you to take a gander at. I have a Before and after blogs of The Dark Knight Rises. It was so good I had to make two videos for it. Yeah it was that amazing. It was so crazy. It honestly kept me on the edge of my seat. Even though I kinda knew what the plot entails to an extent it was still something amazing to see. Check out my before and after videos for more information. Ill toss you the links to the Nerdcore Channel on youtube.


(me watching the movie and hours pass)


SCIENCE! New Exo-Planet Found!

Deep within the constellation of Leo, there lies a home of a dim burning Red Dwarf star. You have been on the tail of this star for weeks, months. You keep your eye on the large planet revolving around our little crimson friend. Yet your readings have been giving you some spurious signals that just doesn’t make sense..unless…

You my good sir or madam have discovered a new planet. You check your data, see the dim and have found a planet just two-thirds the size of Earth whipping around this star in what you have calculated to be just 1.4 Earth days. From what you can deduce it is fairly close to the star so you could surmise that it will be hot with molten lava flows and if it had an atmosphere it is more then likely long gone. 

The biggest part about the article is probably overlooked. The fact that they found a sub-earth sized planet rolling around in the universe will push our scientists and our technology to find these earth and below size planets. At the moment with our tech level these planets are extremely hard to find. With me being a space geek I thought this was amazing. Anyhoo you can find the full article and more info here:–abc-news-tech.html

Site Update!

Ok my nerdcore crazies, I’ve been up to a lot recently. Among other things going on at the lair, I’ve been busy building a network of spys and informants! No I’ve been building a spider web that will catch naked ladies coming home from a party at the PLAYBOY Mansion! No, I’ve just been busy working on some other accounts trying to get a network going to keep you informed about the goings on and new blogs for the site. I love you all that much that I want to be in your head 24/7. Yeah I love you that much.




Comics! Punk Rock Jesus!

For comics that I absolutely fall in love with, I will usually have a sarcastic or some kind of comedic opening for these blogs if you haven’t noticed. This one is actually so far out there and different, I have no idea how to even critique it. I honestly don’t. All I do know is that this comic is completely bad-ass. There is nothing I can think of to compare it to. There is very so often a comic that pushes certain limits and boundaries starting off. Punk Rock Jesus is one of those comics. A VERTIGO comic mini-series spanning 6 issues, this will definitely cause a bit of a stir.

To start off, the comic is drawn in black and white. No colors and a very sketchy art style which I think adds to the atmosphere of the comic itself. The story revolves around a reality TV show that is called J-2. A company called Orphis enlisted a world famous Geneticist and Environmentalist named Dr. Sarah Epstein to set up a human cloning lab in international waters. She is to take DNA from the Shroud of Turin to clone Jesus. That is right you saw what I typed. They are cloning Jesus and turning him into a TV show.

This is one of those comics where I really don’t want to give anything out. With it being a mini series the plot will be full in the next few months. I just want to wet your eye buds and turn you onto this brand new spanking VERTIGO comic. Hopefully this will have done it’s job and you will be waiting the new comic day with me for the next issue of Punk Rock Jesus along with SAGA and what ever else your monthlies are.