Comics! Ultimate Spiderman!

What happens when Scott Pilgrim meets Peter Parker?

You get Ultimate Spiderman. Our favorite webslingers latest incarnation is a teen friendly over the top sarcastic take on the spiderman universe in which spiderman FINALLY got into an Avengers team. But I’m sure that is to come later on. The way Peter/Spiderman interacts with people in the comic and you the reader it is almost like reading a Deadpool comic but for people with worse adhd then your average Deadpool reader. With issue #2 just coming out it’s hard to say where this is going. However I can honestly say that I truly enjoy reading the comic. Also so does my daughter so that is probably one of her new monthlies since VENOM is a bit to high level for her yet. But the day will come….

As for the art style its decent fusion style. It’s not really my bag but I dig it. The story is easy to follow and fun to read. The comic is a all ages kind of fare. So if you get a chance and you want something fun to read but not a new monthly or if you have small kids, preteens, or teens, Ultimate Spiderman may be the comic for you and yours.


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