Comic! Carnage U.S.A.: A Patriotic Comic Review!

Ohh Say can you see

Carnage USA

Home Sweet Symbiosis

Nothing Owns me

Enough with that now. I know I’m a  few hours early for the 4th of July but I wanted to crank this out early since I love you guys. I went off to my LCS today in search of something patriotic. Something inspiring. Something worth reading. Something that’s not Captain America. Sorry Cap but in my book he is a bit over played. 

Carnage USA starts out at a nice quaint and quiet town. Then… Cletus Kassady happens. In Carnage USA it is in Carnage’s master plan to turn everything and everyone into an extension of himself. Women, Children, Babies! All Carnage. It is absolutely amazing. As far as I have gotten the book is awesome. Sadly my LCS didn’t have the last three issues so a Full review is pending. On the other end of that this story so far is absolutely awesome. In the first couple of pages he takes over a town, takes over The Avengers (Carnage Wolverine and Carnage The Thing is flippin insane!) So it is total carnage and action from the get go with no sign of slowing down. Not to mention the unique artstyle that I have honestly fallen in love with. It seems to be some form of  digital paint and airbrush but I could be wrong. Either way this comic is an absolute must for any fan of Spiderman or the symbiotes.  Also a guest appearance of Toxin my second fave right after Venom! Who could not want this?!

Now that we have that out of the way I would like to take a minute of your time to remind you of the sacrifices of the men and women of this great Nerdcore Nation and what it has given us and protected. Since the Revolution the American Soldier has given his life, limbs, blood, sweat and tears to make sure we are free and protected. Not to mention to fight injustice all over the world. From the Nerdcore Nation and to any of my Military readers, I give my profound thanks and thanks of the Nation that you have given your lives for. 



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