Comics! He-Man!



Ok my dear Nerdcore Nation, we have a celebrity review. The star of screen, t.v., and comics…… HE-MAN!

In the latest edition of He-Man, DC has once again picked up the banner for Eternia and is flying it under the flag of the New 52. Like a lot of older DC comics, this is probably going to take a while to fully explain and with it being a mothly well we will be waiting for an Eternia before we get a better grasp of the story. Haha get it? From what I can infer from context clues in the dialog, Adam dreams about He-Man as if he was living a memory. In this incarnation he is just a woodsman and his father an aged woodsman, bedridden and stricken with alzheimers. However there are some context clues saying Skeletor might be behind all of this. There is a fight scene with Beastman and it seems to awaken something in Adam that seems familiar. He also befriends a telepathic falcon which I’m sure is the Witch of Castle Gray Skull. At the end there is a page of Skeletor telling  Beastman that Adam must be stopped and for Beastman to tell everyone that. Who that everyone is we could only guess. Will Adam reach Castle Gray Skull before the end of issue 2? Probably not. But I will definitely let you all know when I pick up #2.  


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