Interview! CrashGem!

This saturday is the up coming SOMD Comic Con. I had the privilege to have a little email interview with the owners, operators and artists of one of the companies that will be there. Here is my favorite and yours CrashGem in interview form! The italics are me and bold are the great guys at CrashGem.

So what and who is CrashGem?

CrashGem started as a mixed media art studio founded by William Buckmaster and Barrett Brooks. CrashGem is about art, design, gaming, pop culture, fandom, and creativity. While both artists have a background in sculpture and other forms of mixed media, their mutual love of games and storytelling has them working hard on games and app development whenever they can.

How did it come about?

Barrett and Will met at their day jobs working IT. They joined a weekly tabletop gaming group and realized that the only thing more fun than playing awesome games, would be making some awesome games. They brainstormed games and apps for weeks before deciding to pull their resources and make a go of it professionally. It’s still a work in progress.

How long has it been in operation?

CrashGem was formally founded April 1st, 2012.

What are some of your products?

Currently we offer Sculptures and Charms. Our primary focus is on dragons and other mythical creatures that need new homes. We also accept commissions for custom sculptures and fan art.

Any sneak peeks into future product?

We continue working hard on app and game development, so look for our first game sometime in Q4 of 2012.

How do we purchase your fine products?

Our sculptures and charms are available through our Etsy shop, or you can contact us at our email to discuss custom commissions. Additionally we attend fan conventions every few months, check our website for our con schedule.

So you will be at the SoMD Comic Con this Saturday, what have you been doing for prep for it?

Building up some stock, trying out new designs, and hammering out the fine details have kept us very busy. We are definitely looking forward to it.

Also through the grapevine I’ve heard you will be at Otakon, any difference between prep for this Saturday and that? Think you’re going to be ready for the 65,000 people there?

Of course we are, but here is a fair warning to your readers, stock is limited first come first serve and there will be a limit on commissions! DO NOT HESITATE!

What can we expect to see out of CrashGem in the future?

I guess the real question would be what can’t you expect?

A huge thank you to the AWESOME guys at CrashGem! I know you all have been quite busy with all the work you have been doing. So there you have it my Nerdcore Nation! First thing you do this weekend at SOMD Comic Con is head over to CrashGems table and told them Jimi Bones sent ya! Bellow are some of the ways you can get in touch with the fellas or order from them directly! 


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