Movies! Comic Book and Vidya Game Movies!

Ok so last night feverishly and completely wide awake, I made the decision to let my hands put something to watch on tv that wouldn’t wake the wifey. I watched a marathon of comic book and game movies.Some were good, some were awesome, some were horrendously bad movies. this blog doesn’t have too much of a purpose to it. I just wanted to write this stuff down for the fun of it. Im sure your all also tired of hearing comic reviews all the time. 

All were worth watching just for the genre’s sake. But then again I also enjoy bad movies. Anyway heres a short rundown of the movies watched last night. Some I might bring back some memories for you. Some of those memories just might want to be left forgotten like no one knew they made a third sequel to Blood Rayne. 

Spawn was first at bat. Micheal Jai White played a mean SPAWN and John Leguizamo was a wicked clown. It was a definite Todd McFarlane film. Badass soundtrack, what it lacked in depth it made up for in awesome.

Second coming up was The Shadow with Alec Baldwin and Tim Curry. This has The Shadow written all over it. The characters were played down to a t and it was overall one of the better comic book adaptations of a movie I’ve seen.

Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich came up third. At least it had Rayne fighting nazis but beyond that I can’t say much or this BR movie or any of them. They are horrible but they do hold a little piece of my heart. I love bad movies.

Resident Evil came on after that. To say the very least I am very picky about my zombie movies. Very picky. Just ask my wife. However I am in love with this movie because Michelle Rodriguez is in it. I have a huge thing for her. That and I like zombie pinups so her + zombie = hawt.

Dick Tracy came on and I honestly forgot how much I really missed that movie. I think it had Denis Quaid as Dick Tracy. I don’t care for that but it might re-jog your memory. It was a colorful and wonderfully transition from pulp comic to movie. Really nice work. 

Then I watched The Craft. No real reason, I just think Fairuka Balk is hawt.

After that was Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihation. Two of my fav movies growing up. Honestly looking back at them now I can truly see how bad they are but damn if I still don’t want to learn how to do Lui Kangs Bicycle Kick.

Anyhoo that’s really all there is to my last night of sleeplessness. Hopefully I will be able to get some decent sleep tonight my Nerdcore Nation.



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