SCIENCE! New Exo-Planet Found!

Deep within the constellation of Leo, there lies a home of a dim burning Red Dwarf star. You have been on the tail of this star for weeks, months. You keep your eye on the large planet revolving around our little crimson friend. Yet your readings have been giving you some spurious signals that just doesn’t make sense..unless…

You my good sir or madam have discovered a new planet. You check your data, see the dim and have found a planet just two-thirds the size of Earth whipping around this star in what you have calculated to be just 1.4 Earth days. From what you can deduce it is fairly close to the star so you could surmise that it will be hot with molten lava flows and if it had an atmosphere it is more then likely long gone. 

The biggest part about the article is probably overlooked. The fact that they found a sub-earth sized planet rolling around in the universe will push our scientists and our technology to find these earth and below size planets. At the moment with our tech level these planets are extremely hard to find. With me being a space geek I thought this was amazing. Anyhoo you can find the full article and more info here:–abc-news-tech.html


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