Hey my nerdcore crazies!

I know it has been a bit since my last blog post but don’t fret! I have not forgotten you! No I have not! However my computer is more or less on its last life. My last couple of blogs took literally HOURS to write. Between the computer freezing and not accepting what I type as I type it to everything crashing to the blue screen of death over and over. It was just more then what my threshold of patience alotted to technical difficulties. So my dearies for the time being it will probably going to end up being one post a week until I get my laptop up and running again or I get a new computer. When I started this bittle blurb the time was 1:46 and the time now is 2:31. This is without tags, categories or pictures. So I will see you this week for the review of Space Punisher! Stay tuned kiddies!


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