Comics! Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe!

It’s that time again my dear Nerdcore Crazies! I have a stock of reviews to unload on you all and mabey by the end of the week you will be able to put your head back togather like our favorite Merc With A Mouth Deadpool. Speaking of Deadpool, I hope this isn’t the first you have heard about this amazing new comic run of his!

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is one of the best incarnations of Deadpool that I have ever read. Xavier and the X-men bring in Deadpool to a psychiatric hospital for derranged supervillains. During his “treatment” it is reveiled that his Doctor is actually Psychoman! (Spoiler warning!) Psychoman breaks Deadpools fragile link to reality and well then gets killed by Deadpool. The treatment effectively made deadpool a focused killer with only one voice in his head and an intent to kill every super (whether it be villain or hero) in the universe.

Essentially the story behind it is that deadpool finally breaks loose of the comic world. He goes on a killing spree to release the people we know, love and hate from having to dance to the drama we crave as comic readers. Proffessor X tries to stop DP by breaking down his mind but is turned into a vegitable when he sees DP’s perspective. Beyond that.. The Watcher dies, The Fantastic 4 and so many, many others.

(Also another Spoiler: Dp Blows Spiderman’s head off.)

Overall the artstyle is general to Marvel comics. Nothing too special there. The story is a definite 10/10 and an amazing storyline drivin by insanity and a kill count higher then Robocop 3! IT is definitely an amazing read for ANY fan of Deadpool and the marvel universe to see how their favorite hero or hero team dies.


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