News and an Apology!

Alrighty guys! The Nerdcore Nations leader is back! I do apologise for the long absence. It has been a hard couple months for me since my mom has passed and money problems and all sorts of woe. But Im getting back in the swing of things like Tarzan (complete with the leopard print loin cloth.) So since it has been a long time since any post I’m going to jump right into some basic things that you may or might not have heard of and throw my own opinions in there. I mean if you didn’t want to see that part why would you be following pretty lil ol me to begin with?!

In Marvel news, The Marvel Now! campaign is well underway. With a revamping of classic titles to fit a changing culture scape brought in by the new age of Comic Book Movies, this proves to be a very promising line for Marvel to take. With Deadpool #1, Indestructable Hulk and quite a few other on thier way in to comic shops near you keep an eye out for some really awesome new titles. Also in Marvel news, The Amazing Spiderman will be ending at issue 700. This will be the end of one of marvels longest running comics beloved by the company and the fans but I don’t see any sign of Mr. Parker hanging up his webshooters and red and blues any time soon so don’t you worry about that. Also Venom and The Scarlet Spider has had a crossover with Carnage in a miniseries Minimum Carnage. Starting in Minimum Carnage Aplha, Continuing back and forth between Scarlet Spider and Venom series finalling ending in Minimum Carnage: Omega. An amazing quick little mini series that if you havn’t been reading the full sereis of both, you need to. A review of the miniseries will come later. Also in the weather we will be in for a shower of blood as Dexter comes to Marvel.\

In DC news, Jason Gordon-Levitt is contacted to play the new batman in a possible lead up role to a new batman movie as well as the up and coming Justice League movie. The New 52 is going on strong after the effects of clarity of the Zero Month with story line questions answered and new comics set up for normal reading. Out of all of them The Phantom Stranger has really stood out among everything else. Even now I still cant rally myself to honestly give DC more chances.

In DYNAMITE! news, Mark Wade will be writing for the Green Hornet in 13′. I honestly can’t wait to see what he can do with the character. The rest of the industry is marching on finely with The Shadow and the  Pathfinder series. Also for Dynamite Garth Enis will be leaving the series The Boys to write a new series called Red Team. The massive hero crossover Masks reaches its third issue. Dynamite has also picked up the show Grimm for a new comic series.


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