Hey everybody (hi doctor ned.), I have ben crawling throu the darkest dungeons in Youtubeland and found some pretty tasty morsels to feast upon. A couple of months ago my DM called it quits and so the group dispersed. Since then I’ve been more then a little nerdraged at it. Anyhoo, To quiet my nerdhulk from breaking my glasses, I have been looking for other nerdist things to pass the time. Miniatures, videos, music, books really anythingbecause im now freverabored on game nights and in my free time. To get on with it the first set of videos I’ve found star Chris Perkins: The DM to the Stars and the Writers of Robot Chicken. The videos go to about 25 and I am on the 13th. I love the series. I get to watch peoplewh ienjoy watching on one nerd show, nerd out on another show. The series is funny and worth a watch if you like D&D AND Robot Chicken.

This second set of videos hails from one of the Forrest of Geek. LARP or Live Action Role Play is a subject that even most of it’s veterans don’t talk to much about I have noticed. But this is a hobby that should be touched on. It is an immersive story. Not for a miniature but for you! You won’t be rolling dice to see if you hit, you will be bludgeoning your foes with your foam sword or axe or calling out spells and damage. It is something I would love to get into yet sadly there isn’t much in the way of nerd around here where I live. This documentary is split between 13 chapters. By the second chapter you will be hooked int watching the rest and not just because Crimson is hot. Without further ado here is The World Of LARP.

And for this final video, I must present one of the manliest men in MERICA! The letters in his name spells I END LIVES! VIN DIESEL PLAYS D&D!



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