Comics! Superior Spiderman!

Ahh now here we go back to our bread and butter. Ive picked up quite a few new comics recently and I would like to take a minute and talk about this questionable Spiderman incarnation. I will be giving spoilers so if you do not want to know what happens in Spiderman #700 don’t read on.

In Spiderman #700, Doctor Octopus has peter right where he wants him. Strapped down on a table waiting for him to switch their brains. Switching conscious into each others brain. Then Doc Oct’s body is destroyed. Then we see Peter Parker through the eyes of Otto Octavious. Some who might go to the length of saying a possible future of what Peter Parker could have turned out to be. As if he gets a second chance and he is taking the world by storm.

The new Spiderman is more straight to the point, ass kicking, thrill ride of a comic. The writing is superb and the story arcs even early (delving into the polar change in Peter’s behavior) are excellently handled. Also don’t count our original friendly neighborhood spiderman out yet! He’s tailing his old body as a ghost from place to place. Even seeing into Otto’s mind and memories. Will he get his body back? Where will that leave Doc Ock? Only Time will tell.

There is so much controversy revolving around this that it isn’t funny. So much negativity and even death threats to the writers? Come on guys! As much as I love comics and vidya games (ands I dos) there is no reason for all of that rot. Even though Superior Spiderman takes the franchise, turns it up on it’s head and spins it around till it gets dizzy, there should always be room for a open mind. Parker is the brainchild of many writers through the years and he will be forever more. He isn’t going away. He might take a vacation like this one but he is always going to be Swinging On.

My final thought on the series? I absolutely love it. It’s fresh! It’s new! It is something I honestly think The Amazing Spiderman needed. Its a great read for new comers and old timers alike so go out and pick up your copies as soon as possible. Good night True Believers.



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