Hey there Nerdcore Nation, how are you all doing today? Ive spent this morning pretty busy and out but here I am to bring you a couple posts throughout the day today being that it is OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today I started out to bring you the coolest and newest news, comic reviews, stores of science and awesomeness that I could. For those of you who have followed me through all of this and for the new folks I appreciate all of you. Now onto the fun!

In this movie Superman has been switched up quite a bit. From his suit, to his powers, down to the way he flies. So why wouldn’t his weaknesses change? I have read through a few articles this morning talking about Superman’s new weakness that will more then likely exploited in the up coming Man Of Steel. Its not kryptonite. It’s not a poorly written story. It is not a Lex Luthor kidnapped Lois Lane. It is…. his Isolation! Yep all that isolation and being different will be the cutting edge of weaponry in this movie. Not some radiated crystal from a far away planet. We all know (I’m sure we have all felt alienated at least one time in our life) what it feels like to be alone. Now just think how off the wall that would be with x-ray vision, super speed, flying, super strength, ice breath, blah blah blah. It would be soul crushing I would think. But somehow out of all of the chaos and confusion we get a man not of man tempered to steel. Lawful Good Steel.

If you have been following the little bit leaked info about the movie we know that Zod will be the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) for the movie. It seems that Zod will be throwing his weight mentally at Superman in this film, which to me would be a fresh new idea rather then some nearly unbeatable monster. Im thinking this might actually be worth watching and I am in no way a superman fan.



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