My evil lair of unadulterated awesomeness and doom.

Bio: Hi, I'm your friendly neighborhood Boneman, Jimi Bones. You may call me JB. Joibles or Jeebles or Jeebs. Doesnt really matter. Anyhoo as you have no doubt realised by reading my blog so far that I am a nerd. I love comics, tabletop games (even though I dont have many people to play them with) and old movies. Ill catch a comic book movie any day though since it seems to be all the rage in hollywood. I am also an avid listener of Heavy Metal. I like it pure like the Metal of Old. Judas Priest and bands along those lines. I also have a penchant for spooky and wierd things. I stock pile halloween stuff and collect things that catch my eye. no real rhyme or reason but look for me on Hoarders in about 30 years. With all this strange things goings on, I am also married with two small children. My wife is a quarter nerd and my kids seem to take after me. Thank you Glob! Anyways I hope you all enjoy my reviews and future mindless ranting about topics from time to time. Also remember to follow me if you REALLY like what you see. I know you do. You don't have to hide it, I can see it in your face. If you have any questions or comments then feel free to send your concerns and curiosities to nerdcorecomicsandmore@yahoo.com!

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