GAMES! A World Lost!

It was late in the year 2006 where I was held at Burt point by my friend and co-worker K- (k minus, there was also a K + one Kenny was smaller then the other and Burt was about a foot and a half taller then me with a good 40 pounds on me) to buy and subscribe to a little game World Of Warcraft. I gave him my wallet during their break (K- and Burt had an hour break since they were working a double and I was stuck with just first shift) and they went off to Walmart and bought me my first World Of Warcraft game. Later that night after I got back from my girlfriend (at the time) house, they helped me set up my account and I took my first steps in the world of Azeroth as a Troll Shaman named Tikitaki (who has stuck with me through every account I have had since).

Years have now passed as WoW Vanilla is no more. The first expansion Burning Crusade comes out. A lot of new people come in, us veterans bitch about things getting easier, the raids weren’t as fun, things like that. Rise and fall of guilds and accounts get hacked. I leave Azeroth. Wrath of the Lich King is bound to hit the shelves. Being the devoted Warcraft and WoW fan I am( during my time out of Azeroth, I read novels about Azeroth) I ended up having to start an account all over again. I bought WoW, BC and WoTLK. I enjoyed the new class of Death Knight, but I mainly stuck to my hunter: Anikinaki and his pet snow saber Hariki. After a while I got hacked again. I left Azeroth. Then on and off I played with free accounts, bringing back my old accounts for a week with free game time never really finding a reason to come back until Cataclysm. 

Cataclysm was a nightmare. Classes that I have had specialized builds, classes I’ve spent long hours mastering all of a sudden changed. I had to re-learn how to play this game that I have been playing for oh 6 years? I called it quits for good. Then in the name of all that was holy Mists of Pandaria came out and I only toyed with a free account. I have since stopped playing all together and I still feel like there is an empty space inside me that misses that year of 06 and WoW vanilla.

This is my horror story. In the year 2010 World of Warcraft boasted 12 Million subscribers world wide with a world record to prove it. Just two years later that count has dropped to 8 million. In the first quarter of 13′ alone WoW lost 1.3 Million subscribers. I don’t blame them for leaving. I’m not encouraging it. But WoW is broken to me. The level cap is so high and the demands from the non casual players are so insane it isn’t funny. The ingame economies are laughable at best. (i saw 50 gold for a stack of linen which is the easiest to come by cloth material) The game itself provides no challenge. At level 20 you get your mount. In my day you didn’t get it till 40 and it took the help of your entire guild to get you your epic mount. Don’t even get me started on the Warlocks epic mount quest for the Dread Steed. Nightmares they were but the hardwork put in was satisfying.

Activisions CEO Bobby Kotick predicts the numbers will fall even farther and really challenge them as the back end of the year comes around. Though it is up there with age, the change in game play and the lack of challenge also promote the fall of the numbers. As well as the challenge of the Free-To-Play mmorpgs that are now floating around on the internet and in this up and down economy a solid fee to play a game is questionable. Some of these games are becoming top contenders and one (League of Legends) has surpassed WoW subscriber limit last year by a million or so players. All we can do is watch what happens with this game we all know that some loathe and some love.



Website Spotlight! Miniature Market!

Recently I have began mini collecting. This all stems from playing and about to play D&D. Always wanting my own minis so I may run my own adventures for my kids or wanting my own mini that I know will fit my character. I have searched through dozens of mini sites across the internet. Some in English, some not, some more complicated then honestly should be. Through all of these my brother told me about this website called Miniature Market. Being that it was a first page google search, I passed over it favoring underdogs thinking I might get better prices at a lesser known site. I was dead wrong.

After my first couple of purchases and speedy delivery, I will never use another website for my mini and game needs. They have everything a table top gamer could want or need for anything they want to run! So seriously, if your a tabletop gamer, mini collector or looking for a new game to run or board game to play, check them out. They always have a fresh batch of minis for sale and deals that are just mind blowing. Infact they just restocked a bunch of minis today and ill be giving them more money. You can also like them on facebook at:

And you can see the website yourself at:

Miniature Market Logo

Miniature Market Logo


Hey everybody (hi doctor ned.), I have ben crawling throu the darkest dungeons in Youtubeland and found some pretty tasty morsels to feast upon. A couple of months ago my DM called it quits and so the group dispersed. Since then I’ve been more then a little nerdraged at it. Anyhoo, To quiet my nerdhulk from breaking my glasses, I have been looking for other nerdist things to pass the time. Miniatures, videos, music, books really anythingbecause im now freverabored on game nights and in my free time. To get on with it the first set of videos I’ve found star Chris Perkins: The DM to the Stars and the Writers of Robot Chicken. The videos go to about 25 and I am on the 13th. I love the series. I get to watch peoplewh ienjoy watching on one nerd show, nerd out on another show. The series is funny and worth a watch if you like D&D AND Robot Chicken.

This second set of videos hails from one of the Forrest of Geek. LARP or Live Action Role Play is a subject that even most of it’s veterans don’t talk to much about I have noticed. But this is a hobby that should be touched on. It is an immersive story. Not for a miniature but for you! You won’t be rolling dice to see if you hit, you will be bludgeoning your foes with your foam sword or axe or calling out spells and damage. It is something I would love to get into yet sadly there isn’t much in the way of nerd around here where I live. This documentary is split between 13 chapters. By the second chapter you will be hooked int watching the rest and not just because Crimson is hot. Without further ado here is The World Of LARP.

And for this final video, I must present one of the manliest men in MERICA! The letters in his name spells I END LIVES! VIN DIESEL PLAYS D&D!


Comics! Dungeons and Dragons: Infestation

Ok so you guys know how I have been up for D&D for a while now and I’ve for the most part largely ignored the D&D comics out of some strange resentment that I feel as if D&D should stick to people and gaming. Comics and all for D&D just seem like some general fantasy stories. However tonight that has changed. IDW’s Infestation line of comics have the IDW world taken over by The Sleeping God. The Old One. C’thulu and the Old Ones themselves.

C’thulu raiding the D&D world has turned my veiw and more then interested me in more of the series. This little two part comic centers around an Elf and a Dwarf in a very very very Sherlock and Holmes like relationship. The elf is the primier detective in the city and the Dwarf is well the strong arm. After a woman comes to them asking for help finding her brother, the D&D Dynamic Duo stumble upon the Captain of the gaurd using the brother in some strange ritual that concludes with the Captain being knocked out and the Elf destroying the ritual space. A Clusterfuck insues.

I’m not going to ruin the ending of the series but I hope that ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Rl’yeh wgah’nagl fhtagn




Comic Con! SOMD Comic Con 2012!

Hey there my dear Nerdcore Nation! I’ve been mulling over the events of this past saturday since saturday! So much happened! Talked to so many people! Shook so many babies and kissed so many hands! Scratch that…reverse it… I didn’t actually kiss any babies though. There were a pair of Wolverine twins running around using Wolverines Berkserker Strike which was so cute to watch. Two lil wolvies flailing around with adamantine claws. Just so cute. There were THE CROSSED there. Thankfully no one was eaten or had anything else done with them. There were also two vary lovely gals done up as the Mario Brothers. Mustache and All. However at the end of this you will find the male and female Cosplay Of The Con, so stay tuned after you finish my lil blog here. 

This is technically my second Con but the first was kinda rinkydink and there wasn’t a whole lot to do however I did meet some Storm Troopers (which made my life.) This was insane in comparison! There were so many more people there to begin with. Roughly 1200 people through the day, mabey more! So many vendors and artists and game makers it made my head spin! But coming here was no free ride for your friendly neighborhood boneman, me, Mr. Jimi Bones. No sir not at all. I was there working with the awesome guys at CrashGem!

During most of the day, I spent ALOT of time out on the floor with about one hundred CrashGem business cards. My mission, to hand them out, talk to people and drum up sales for the guys. Mission Accepted. Mission Accomplished! I handed out all one hundred in a matter of hours, shook so many hands my wrist was hurting and talked to so many people and other assorted creatures that I felt like I was going to loose my voice! This honestly made my Con. I love talking to people. I love walking up to strangers, striking up a conversation and walking away knowing one more awesome person in the world. I met quite an array of characters there (both in and out of costume) that I was rolling with sheer enjoyment of the whole thing. In my midday work I also help tend the booth and help take a bit more workload off the fellows there by helping with sales and packaging. They made a decent little chunk that day and I hope that some of it was because of me. (but we all know a good amount was.) I also help introduce them to this one game maker who has just a pure geneious game oozing from his pores that it solidified into something of pure epic and win. His game is a mix of Chess, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons d20 system. Also for bonus epic points, his business card is an actual playing card in the game. Now if that isn’t awesome, I just don’t know what is. 

At the end of the day, alot of things went down along with the sun and all in all it was very bitter sweet. I enjoyed myself so much I just did not want it to end in the slightest. But we all know that good things always come to an end eventually. So the next best thing is heading to the next con I can find and hopefully I’ll get a chance to work with the guys from CrashGem again. With that note I am more then willing to be your freelance greeter, your spokesman, your voice among the citizens among the vendor booths. I will not be unseen, I will be the hero you need. I will do this because I have to. I can take it. Honestly I enjoy it way to much! haha. So with that closing I bid you all good night for now. I have some comics to read for this week, some news to look up for you and a few more interviews to try to arrange! So my dear Nerdcore Nation you will find videos of the con on and pics at So that’s some other news! we have a youtube and a facebook page to like! So go my friends! GO! Spread the word!

Male Cosplay of the Con!

Female Cosplay of The Con!

CrashGem Studoios First Customer!

Movies! Comic Book and Vidya Game Movies!

Ok so last night feverishly and completely wide awake, I made the decision to let my hands put something to watch on tv that wouldn’t wake the wifey. I watched a marathon of comic book and game movies.Some were good, some were awesome, some were horrendously bad movies. this blog doesn’t have too much of a purpose to it. I just wanted to write this stuff down for the fun of it. Im sure your all also tired of hearing comic reviews all the time. 

All were worth watching just for the genre’s sake. But then again I also enjoy bad movies. Anyway heres a short rundown of the movies watched last night. Some I might bring back some memories for you. Some of those memories just might want to be left forgotten like no one knew they made a third sequel to Blood Rayne. 

Spawn was first at bat. Micheal Jai White played a mean SPAWN and John Leguizamo was a wicked clown. It was a definite Todd McFarlane film. Badass soundtrack, what it lacked in depth it made up for in awesome.

Second coming up was The Shadow with Alec Baldwin and Tim Curry. This has The Shadow written all over it. The characters were played down to a t and it was overall one of the better comic book adaptations of a movie I’ve seen.

Blood Rayne 3: The Third Reich came up third. At least it had Rayne fighting nazis but beyond that I can’t say much or this BR movie or any of them. They are horrible but they do hold a little piece of my heart. I love bad movies.

Resident Evil came on after that. To say the very least I am very picky about my zombie movies. Very picky. Just ask my wife. However I am in love with this movie because Michelle Rodriguez is in it. I have a huge thing for her. That and I like zombie pinups so her + zombie = hawt.

Dick Tracy came on and I honestly forgot how much I really missed that movie. I think it had Denis Quaid as Dick Tracy. I don’t care for that but it might re-jog your memory. It was a colorful and wonderfully transition from pulp comic to movie. Really nice work. 

Then I watched The Craft. No real reason, I just think Fairuka Balk is hawt.

After that was Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihation. Two of my fav movies growing up. Honestly looking back at them now I can truly see how bad they are but damn if I still don’t want to learn how to do Lui Kangs Bicycle Kick.

Anyhoo that’s really all there is to my last night of sleeplessness. Hopefully I will be able to get some decent sleep tonight my Nerdcore Nation.